Replacing Your Pool Liner

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Replacing Your Pool Liner

Replacing Your Pool Liner

Pool liners are one of the most important pieces in your pool. Without a good liner, the water won’t stay in the pool, which is kind of the point of a pool in the first place. There are some things you can do to prolong the life of your liner like making sure not to puncture it and cleaning it the proper way. But the truth is that eventually your liner is going to need to be replaced. Pool Knights has replaced plenty of liners, and would be happy to help you with yours too.

Ripping Seams

The amount of pressure that all the water puts on a pool liner is actually an incredible force. Pool liners are designed to withstand thousands of pounds of pressure, but even that can’t last forever. Eventually the seams will start coming apart and will need to be replaced. You may think that patching the liner sounds like a cost efficient way to handle things, but in reality patching it is only a temporary fix and the liner will still need to be replaced.


The liner of the pool is what gives your pool the color and the clarity seen through the water. A dirty pool liner means that your pool will always look dirty. Staining and green discolorations will leave guests wondering what else is lurking in your pool. Even if your pool liner is not damaged, the discolorations and staining can lead to bacteria building up in the crevices of your liner and eating away at the material. It is an easier job to fix a pool liner before it explodes, sending all your water everywhere. Consider replacing your liner before it becomes a huge problem.

Storm Damage

Sometimes after a large storm, debris may end up in your pool, damaging your liner and your pool system. Call in the professionals to evaluate the damage before you try diving in to fix it on your own. We have all the right tools and the right chemicals to help treat whatever ended up in your pool, and get you back on track to clear water.

A new liner can make a world of difference in your pool. Contact Pool Knights today for your free estimate on a new liner for your pool. We’ll be happy to guide you through the process and talk to you about all the options available for your pool.

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