Keeping Your Pool Clean In Bad Weather

Posted by Tim Roadnight
Keeping Your Pool Clean In Bad Weather

When the weather turns bad, your pool still needs care. If you have the time to prepare before the storm hits, you’ll be thankful later. If not, there are still a few last minute things you can do to avoid damaging your pool. Here are a few things that are very important in keeping your pool clean if you know bad weather is headed your way.

Take Cover

If you can, pull a cover over your pool. High winds can bring down a lot of debris, clogging up filters and causing damage. If you have time to do so safely, pull a cover over your pool. Even just a tarp will do, but be careful that no one walks on the pool cover during the storm and gets stuck. Keeping out the pollen, branches and other stuff blowing in the wind will help you get back to a clean pool sooner after the storm.

Turn Off Pumps

In order to avoid an electrical surge, it is best to turn off your pool’s filter system during a major storm. You may even want to unplug it from the outlet to avoid any damage. Replacing an entire filter system can be expensive, so prevention is key. Be sure the area is safe and that you are protected before pulling the plug.

Put Away Furniture

Any pool furniture should be secured or put away before a storm is set to hit. Flying furniture can cause a lot of damage and is a pain to fish out of the bottom of your pool. Stash it away somewhere safe before the storm so that you can avoid diving for it after the storm blows over. Tables, chairs, pool toys, extra towels, and anything else that is lying around should be brought inside for maximum safety.

If you were not prepared for bad weather and need some help, Pool Knights is here to assist you in getting your pool back to top shape. We can help with clean ups, pool maintenance and repair and more. Give us a call today to schedule a clean up for your pool and you’ll be on your way to swimming again in no time.