Cleaning Your Pool: From Green To Blue

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From Green To Blue

Is your pool the wrong color? Is the water murky and full of debris? Well now is the time to do something about it! What is the point of keeping a huge hole filled with gross water when you could be relaxing in your beautiful, clean pool? Let Pool Knights help you transform your pool from green back into a crystal clear blue and Prevent these things that happen when you stop cleaning your pool.

Green Algae

There are several different kinds of algae that can reside in your pool. This is usually the number one cause of a pool looking the wrong color. Most of the time, a few simple treatments can remove the coloring and get your water back to balanced. Green algae can sit on the top of your water, or it can take over the entire pool, staining walls and liners. Regular cleanings and removal of debris can help control green algae, but if it gets out of control, Pool Knights can take back your pool with a few treatments.

Black Algae

Black algae is harder to clean up than green algae. Black algae lays roots in your pool, and can dig into concrete and plaster walls. It can develop a resistance to chlorine alone that makes it fairly hard to treat. Luckily, Pool Knights has a system that works to treat this kind of problem. We treat your pool to make sure the water is balanced with both chlorine and pH. Then, a vigorous brushing of all the surfaces in your pool will break up the algae that is clinging to everything. Once everything is loose, we will shock the pool for three or four days to be sure that everything is gone. This process may need to be repeated a couple of times before the pool is back to normal.

Draining and Cleaning

If your pool has been left for too long, it may be better to just drain the whole thing and start over. Sometimes the water is too unbalanced to simply treat, and it would be more efficient to just get new, fresh water. Pool Knights can help you with that too. We will make a recommendation as to the best way to treat or clean your pool and then we will take it from there. We can drain your entire pool, clean all the surfaces, and get everything looking new again before we fill it back up with fresh water. Think of all the fun you’ll have this summer in your clean, fresh pool instead of just staring longingly at your old dirty water.

Pool Knights is here to help with all your pool clean up needs. We can provide weekly cleanings to be sure that your pool does not go back to looking green ever again. Save yourself the hassle and let the professionals handle everything. Let’s make this the best summer ever together! Give us a call today so we can set up an appointment to get you started.

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