Replacing Your Pool Equipment

Posted by Tim Roadnight
Replacing Your Equipment

Running your pool all season long, year after year, can take a toll on your equipment. Depending on how old your system is, it may be time to think about replacing some of the parts in order to keep your pool running up to par. Here are a few ways that upgrading your pool equipment might be beneficial to you in the long run.

Filter System

Newer filter systems are more efficient than older systems. They are built to remove more gunk and debris from the water, saving you cleaning time. Filter systems can come with automatic cleaning systems, that you can just set and forget. They will automatically run whether you are home or on vacation. New filter cartridges can be cleaned and reused instead of just throwing them out every time. Upgrading your filter system can leave you with a lot more time to just enjoy your pool instead of worrying about cleaning it all the time.


The pump is the heart of your pool. Without it, the water sits stagnant in your pool and will start to collect algae. Insects can start to lay their eggs in stagnant water, and pretty soon you will have a very expensive pond in your backyard instead of a swimming pool. Keeping your pump in top shape will ensure that your pool is ready for the season ahead. Upgrading your current pump can even save you money! Newer systems are built to be a lot more energy efficient than older pumps, saving you money on your electric bill. Plus you can avoid costly repair bills down the road by replacing an old pump now.


If your pool has a heater, the heating element will eventually run out. You won’t want to be stuck with a freezing cold pool in the middle of the swimming season. Why not replace it before that happens? New heaters are also built to be more efficient, saving you money on your electric bill. There are even solar options available now that will eliminate your electric bill and still keep your pool toasty warm. Talk with us today about all the options that are available.

Keep your pool up to date with new pool equipment this year. Don’t be stuck with a broken part and no fun for the whole season. Treating your pool right will guarantee that you will be able to entertain your guests all season long with your up-to-date system. Give us a call today so that we can come out and take a look at how we can best help you to upgrade your pool system.