Why You Need To Start Emptying Your Pool

Posted by Tim Roadnight
Emptying Your Pool

Sometimes it is just better to start over with your pool water. PoolKnights can help you get going in the right direction. We’ll help you drain your pool and then refill it with fresh, clean water so you can be all ready to go for the season.


Some types of algae can be treated, but with some types it is best to drain your entire pool and start again. When you drain everything out of the pool, the walls and the water line can all be scrubbed and cleaned of any remaining traces of algae. This gives you the chance to start again and have completely clean and fresh water.


If you have a plaster pool, sometimes the plaster cracks and needs to be repaired. The only way to get to it is by draining the pool. If you drain the entire pool, our technicians can inspect the surface for any other cracks or damage while they are inside. Draining the pool once and for all will save you money later on by getting all the cracks fixed at once.

Pool Draining Dangers

If you don’t know how to properly drain a pool, it can be very dangerous. It’s a huge amount of water with a lot of pressure, so it needs to be handled properly. There are also chemicals in the water that can’t just be drained anywhere. You’ll want to avoid getting the majority of it anywhere near your home’s foundation. You won’t want to deal with any basement flooding. You’ll also want to keep it away from any gardens or places where animals walk. Calling a pool company is your safest bet because they can handle large amounts of water safely, and they also know how to balance the water again when you fill the pool back up again.

If you think your pool needs to be drained, contact PoolKnights. We can help you with all your pool’s needs and maintenance. Our team will be happy to get you back to the pool you’ve been dreaming about for this swimming season.