Pool Safety – Hiring A Pool Maintenance Company

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Pool Safety

Hiring a pool maintenance company is a great way to keep your family safe all summer long. There are quite a few hidden dangers when it comes to maintaining a pool. Don’t let your family fall victim this summer. Leave the maintenance to the professionals and everyone will stay safe.

Filter Safety

If filters are not kept in good condition, they can start to malfunction. Filters that don’t have proper covers can suck in things that they aren’t supposed to like hair or fingers. This can be dangerous for all those swimming in your pool. Keep your guests and family safe by having a professional inspect your pool each week.

Chemical Balance

Chemicals are an integral part of your pool’s maintenance. Keep your family safe this season by making sure that your pool stays perfectly in balance. If chemicals get out of whack, your family can be in danger of burns, damaged clothing, rashes, red eyes, discolored hair and more. Don’t guess at what your pool needs. Just let the experts handle it.


If you don’t inspect your pool on a regular basis, you may miss important things that need to be repaired. Cracks, rips in the liner and more can become real safety hazards for you and your guests. Having outside eyes inspect your pool regularly will ensure that your pool stays in great condition and everyone stays safe.

No Pool Equipment

Don’t leave pool equipment lying around. Hoses and tools left out on your decking can become tripping hazards if not put away correctly. Let the experts bring their own equipment, leaving your pool deck clear of tools and hoses. No longer will you have to wind and unwind the pool cleaning hoses. Just sit back and relax while everyone swims safely.

PoolKnights is happy to be your pool maintenance experts. We bring our own tools and have years of chemical balancing experience. Call us today to get your free estimate and you’ll be on your way to enjoying this entire season.

Pool Knights has joined with Parrot Head Pool Service, The Woodlands leading specialists in pool maintenance and repair.
Our combination with Parrot Head Pool Service enables an expanded service portfolio and a variety of service improvements.

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