Don’t Turn Your Pool Green Like The Olympics

Posted by Tim Roadnight
Don’t Turn Your Pool Green Like The Olympics

This week during some of the diving competitions in Rio, photos were being shown of the competition pool  turn green. Photos of the two pools next to each other showed that the pool was clearly blue on the first day of competition, but then turned a different shade of green while the other pool stayed exactly the same. At first it was thought that it was some sort of algae bloom in the water, but further testing revealed that not enough chemicals were added to the water, leading to a pH imbalance.

Frequent Testing

The only way to make sure that the water stays at a normal level with chemicals is to make sure that you test the water regularly. Without regular testing, things can get all out of whack, causing discolorations in the water and possibly even damage to your pool. You should have your pool water tested professionally at least once per season, if not more.

Lots Of Swimmers

If you have a lot of people over for a party, the pH levels in your pool may change. The amount of oils coming off of people’s bodies, plus sunscreen and other debris in the water can throw off any chemical balance that might exist. Be sure to test the water the morning after a large gathering to see if your pool needs any extra chemical treatment. The people tending the pools at the Olympics may have forgotten to factor this into the care of the pools in Rio.

Balanced pH Levels

pH is one of the hardest chemicals to balance in a pool. There are lots of different factors that can throw off the pH levels. High amounts of chlorine can throw it off and cause things to start growing that shouldn’t be growing, or it can even turn your water acidic, eating away at the pipes in your pool system. Too low of a pH level can cause minerals to grow and flourish in the water, which results in water of a different color. The most likely explanation for the discoloration in the water is a pH imbalance that led to the presence of copper in the water which can turn water a blue-green color.

Avoid having to explain pool discolorations to your guests and let us tend your pool for you. We’ll bring all the chemicals with us and test the water for everything. All you’ll have to do is sit back and enjoy your pool this summer. Leave the dirty work to us!