Why You Need A Pool Cleaning Service For That Neglected Pool

Posted by Tim Roadnight
Why You Need A Pool Cleaning Service For That Neglected Pool

So you finally bought your very first house; congratulations! You searched and searched for just the right one for you and your growing family. The right number of bedrooms, the right number of bathrooms, and a kitchen big enough to cook with your spouse. The best part of this house? The in ground pool in the backyard; truthfully, that was what really sold you and you can’t wait to jump in. Sure, the house sat vacant for a while, but how bad can that pool really be? One look will tell you; pretty bad.

Back To Reality

When a house goes without an owner and without proper maintenance for a length of time, it can cause quite a mess for the new owners. A swimming pool is no exception. Without the proper maintaining of chemicals and cleaning, it might need more than just a quick visit from a pool cleaning service. It needs a step-by-step plan to get it back up and running.

What Lurks Below

If a pool has been left for a long time, there might be so much algae and so many stains that you can’t even see the bottom of the unit. Trying to do a DIY overhaul on a pool that is this deeply neglected can be tricky as you never know the extent of the damage or what lurks below the surface. One pool that we cleaned in Houston had roofing shingles and a bucket of paint at the bottom of the mess! Why take the risk on finding that, or something worse, on your own? Just hire a pool cleaning service that can get the pool cleaned and back in running order.

To Drain Or Not To Drain

You might think that draining a pool that has sat for a very long time is the best option to restoring it to its natural beauty. However, the dangers of draining depend on the type of material that the pool walls are made from. Some materials do well with drainage and pressure washing, while other materials could become further damaged through draining and therefore it should be avoided. Your best option is to have a professional pool cleaning service come in and assess the situation and help you with the drainage decision.

A Delicate Balance

Buying a house that has sat for a while can always bring new challenges and there are enough of them that you’ll need to tackle on your own. But when it comes to the delicate balance of your beloved swimming pool, don’t go it alone. Let us help you restore and rejuvenate that backyard swamp into a beautiful oasis you’ll enjoy for many years to come.