3 Steps To Soften Your Pool Water

Posted by Tim Roadnight
3 Steps To Soften Your Pool Water

Water becomes ‘hard’ when there is a high concentration of dissolved minerals. While hard water won’t harm your health, it can cause the skin to become irritated and result in buildup within your pool’s plumbing system as well. Using proper steps when it comes to your pool’s water can allow you to soften it for a more comfortable swimming pool experience.

1. Determine The Hardness Of Your Pool Water

Before you can even begin treating your pool water for hardness, you need to find out just how much ‘hardness’ your swimming pool has. In order to test your pool’s level of hardness, you will need to use a hardness test strip and dip the end of it into your pool’s water. After a dip in the pool, you should be able to compare the results with the chart provided by the strip’s original packaging. If your swimming pool water is harder than 300 parts per million, it will need to be softened.

2. Add In Some Fresh Water

In a few cases, all it takes to soften your pool’s water is to add some fresh water. You will need to drain a couple inches of water from the pool and then refill it from your garden hose. Afterwards, you will need to turn on your swimming pool’s pump in order to properly circulate the water for about 10 to 12 hours, then test its hardness once more. If your pool’s water is still very high, you will need to take another step to soften the water.

3. Use A Chemical Water Softener

With the help of water softening pool chemicals, you should easily be able to reduce the hardness of your pool’s water. In order to add water softener to your swimming pool, you will need to fill a five gallon bucket of pool water. Pay attention to the instructions on the packaging to add the water softener properly. Once you have the water and chemicals together, you will be able to just pour the contents of the bucket straight into your pool and run the pump again. Test the pool water again for hardness after a 24 hour period to determine whether you will need to use additional softener.

However, if you are having trouble maintaining your pool equipment or water quality, don’t hesitate to call the right swimming pool company for the job.

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