Defending Your Swimming Pool Against Algae

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Defending Your Swimming Pool Against Algae

Getting ready to take a nice dip in your swimming pool, but your water is green? Have you ever gotten rid of the algae only for it to return again? Don’t have the extra time and energy needed to keep algae out of your swimming pool?

Don’t fret any longer, we’re here to help you out!

What You’re Up Against with Algae

Algae is a small organism that tends to grow in warm, dark, and unclean water. The most common kind of algae is the green type and it can grow rather quickly as well. That is why you need to stay on top of your game when it comes to potential algae attacks on your swimming pool.

In fact, the color of the algae itself tells you exactly how strong it is. For example, if the water color is a light teal, then it is only in the early stage of growth. This means clean up shouldn’t be much of a challenge at all and you won’t have to wait long to hop back in.

However, if your swimming pool has turned a dark green or even black color, then you have a lot of work ahead of you. At this stage, the algae in your swimming pool will have some strength behind it and your average pool clean up won’t be enough to defend against it.

Creating a Defense against Algae

As long as your swimming pool is being properly maintained, algae will be unable to grow. With the right kind of sanitizer and regular maintenance, such as vacuuming the pool, keeping the pH levels at the proper range, and brushing the walls and floor of the pool, you shouldn’t have much trouble preventing an outbreak.

Not everyone has the time, energy, and knowledge necessary to keeping a swimming pool in working condition. With a great swimming pool cleaning service at your side, you can rest assured that all of these things will be taken care of for you.

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Whether you don’t have the time to clean your pool yourself or your algae problem has gotten out of hand, our swimming pool cleaning service has the experience you need to keep algae far from your pool.