How You Know It’s Time To Replace Your Pool Filter

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How You Know It’s Time To Replace Your Pool Filter

Pool filters can last a few years without changing, so it’s an easy pool maintenance chore to neglect. However, there are several signs that show that it is time to replace your filter. If you notice any of these signs you should inspect your filter for wear and tear and then consider replacing it.

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Filter

There’s a couple of signs that it’s time to replace your filter. The most obvious is that your water quality is low. If your pool water has turned from blue to green, is full of dirt and debris, or isn’t as clear as it should be, it’s definitely time to change your filter. Some other signs include:

  • Your pool filter requires more cleaning or backwashing than normal
  • Your pool filter most run longer to clean your pool
  • Your pool filter clogs easily, especially during vacuuming
  • Your skimmer suction isn’t powerful
  • You are having a hard time maintaining a healthy pH balance

How To Check Your Pool Filter

If you notice any of these signs, you should do a visual check of your filter to see if it needs changing. There are three types of pool filters: Sand, cartridge, and D.E. filter grids. Here is how to inspect each type of filter:

  • Sand: Sand filters are very hard to inspect because you need certain tools, so it’s actually best to call in a pool cleaning company. However, if you still want to try yourself, start by draining the filter tank. Next run your hands through the sand to look for balls of mud and hardened calcification. If you find either of these, it’s time to change your filter.
  • Cartridge: Cartridge filters are easier to inspect. Pull out the cartridge and do a visual inspection. Check to see if the bands are broken, the fabric is frayed, the pleats are flattening, and if the end caps are cracked. If any of these signs of damage are present, it’s time to change your filter.
  • D.E. Filter Grids: To inspect filter grids, shut down the filter system and pull out the grid. Check the seams and fabric for wear and tear. D.E. filter grids last longer than other filters, so it may just need to be thoroughly cleaned.

Bring In The Experts

Changing your pool filter can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools and know-how. It is better to call in a professional pool cleaning company like Pool Knights. We can diagnose whether or not the problem with your pool is your filter and change your filter with no hassle to you. So if you think your pool filter needs changing, call us today!

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