How To Pick The Best Swimming Pool Service Company

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How To Pick The Best Swimming Pool Service Company

You’ve invested a lot of money into your swimming pool, so when it comes time to hire a swimming pool service, you want to make sure that you hire a company that will protect your investment. With so many swimming pool service companies in the Houston area, you may be overwhelmed with which service is the best. Here are few tips on how to pick a swimming pool service company for your pool.

  1. Look for a company with experience: Pool maintenance is a difficult job and if done incorrectly can put your family at risk. Start by looking for a company with not only experienced professionals, but experience dealing with the specific pool maintenance needs of your region.
  2. Find a company that does cleaning and repair: When you hire a pool service company, even if you are just looking for someone to manage weekly pool cleanings, they should also have repair experience. That way when your pool is cleaned it is also inspected for potential issues that can be prevented before they become costly repairs.
  3. Look into company accreditations: Swimming pool companies, like any business, should be a member of the Better Business Bureau. They should also have other professional accreditations with memberships with professional organizations like the APSP and NSPF.
  4. Read reviews: You can read reviews online at websites like Yelp or just with a quick Google search. If you find the company has positive reviews, they are probably a great company to hire for your swimming pool.
  5. Friendly staff: When you hire a swimming pool service company, you are going to interact with this personal regularly. Furthermore, you are trusting someone to come into your property on a routine basis. So you want to make sure that whoever you hire is going to be friendly and respectful.

If you are in the Houston area, you should check out Pool Knights. We have years of experience caring for local pools, are fully accredited by a variety of professional organizations, offer both repairs and cleaning. Plus, we have great reviews and all of our professionals are courteous and respectful. So give us a call today to see if we’re a great fit for you!

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