Important Questions To Ask Your Pool Maintenance Company

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Important Questions To Ask Your Pool Maintenance Company

If you’re new to pool ownership or are looking to hire a swimming pool company for the first time, there are a couple of questions you need to ask. These questions will not only ensure that you are hiring a great company, but you fully understand the process of pool maintenance. Here are the most important questions to ask your pool maintenance company:

  1. “What services do you recommend for my pool?” Every pool is different and will have different needs. Newer pools may simply need a weekly cleaning to keep them fresh, while older pools may need plaster repair to maintain the life. A good swimming pool company will offer a range of services to meet the needs of any pool and they will be able to make recommendations to keep your pool in top condition.
  2. “What are your qualifications?” Swimming pool maintenance is a tough job. It requires mechanical knowledge, handling dangerous chemicals, and maintaining a very expensive investment. You want to make sure that your pool professionals know what they are doing because if they make mistakes, it could end up costing you a lot of money.
  3. “Is your company insured?” Just as important as licensing, insurance can protect you against any mistakes. If a swimming pool company employee does something like spill pool chemicals on your pool deck causing damage, you want to make sure that is covered.
  4. “What is your customer service guarantee?” When you hire a swimming pool company, you are hiring someone to come onto your property on a regular basis. So you want to make sure that they are friendly, respectful, and that you can trust you will have a good relationship with them.

A quality pool service will happily answer these and any other questions. If you are looking to work with friendly, experienced professionals at an affordable price, give us a call at Pool Knights. Our knowledge professionals can answer any questions you have and will help you understand the full range of services, our credentials, and how we can help keep your pool looking great!