Is Your Pool Getting The Care It Needs?

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Is Your Pool Getting The Care It Needs?

Texas in general, and Spring in particular, enjoy warm summers and some of the mildest winters in the country, which makes this a great place to have a swimming pool. We’re happy to see so many Texans taking advantage of this climate and enjoying the fun and convenience of a pool all year round. But it’s important to treat your pool as what it is; a delicate balance of mechanics, chemistry and liquid, not just a hole in the ground with water in it.

Maintenance Matters

At Pool Knights, our specialities are pool maintenance and pool service. We have an extensive background in marine engineering that gives us an in depth understanding of water and equipment that needs to work in it. That’s why we know that you can’t just forget about your pool and swim in it once it’s filled with water. There are pumps, chemical balances, and many other factors that need to be looked at and maintained in order to ensure a safe, fun pool experience. Just like you, or your car, neglecting a pool’s needs may not seem to do anything bad at first, but, left alone long enough, small problems can grow bigger, more serious and much more expensive to deal with when you finally realize things are getting out of hand.

A Regular Check Up

If you want to ensure that your pool is always ready to go, but don’t want to shoulder the hassle of making sure the water is clean, the chemicals are balanced and the equipment is working efficiently, you can leave it to us. We have pool maintenance packages that take care of all your pool needs without you needing to worry about anything. You just enjoy the pool, leave the check up and clean up to us on a schedule of your choosing.

If you’ve noticed there’s something wrong, like a build-up of algae, or your pump making noises it didn’t before, you may need more extensive pool service, and we provide that too. Sometimes algae can develop a tolerance to the chlorine that is supposed to make the water safe for everyone, but we know exactly what to do in those instances. And if it’s a matter of equipment acting up, we can assess the problem and tell you exactly what’s wrong and what needs to be done to restore your pool to full functionality.

With Pool Knights, you don’t have to worry about the state of your pool. We do that for you, and keep it in tip top shape, so the only concern you have is to find the time to enjoy yourself.

Pool Knights has joined with Parrot Head Pool Service, The Woodlands leading specialists in pool maintenance and repair.
Our combination with Parrot Head Pool Service enables an expanded service portfolio and a variety of service improvements.

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