Secrets To Keeping Your Pool Clean In Texas

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Secrets To Keeping Your Pool Clean In Texas

The biggest stressor when owning a pool is how to keep it clean and able to use at anytime. Keeping it clean and running will save your stress and money as well as the embarrassment of an unclean pool when entertaining. Having an outdoor pool in Texas poses unique problems to other parts of the country. Seasoned in this exact process we have gathered some tips to help you keep your pool clean, year round.

Keep Pool Filters And Baskets Clear

In order to have continued optimal and sanitary performance from your pool it is important to keep all the proper pathways clear. This means cleaning out any baskets used to trap debris, hair or other objects that have gathered. The most crucial functional of the pool, when it comes to sanitation, is the filter. Therefore, it is imperative that you keep your filter clear of debris as well. If there is blockage in the filter, it will not function properly and the water will not get filtered. Pretty simple. There are also devices for catching debris near the pool’s pump that must remain clear for full function as well.

The need to keep the filters, baskets and pumps clear is why you often see and are encouraged to have someone scoop out the debris from the pool, not only to avoid swimming in stuff but to prevent blockage of pumps and filters so they may continue to clean the water as intended.

Avoid Stagnant Pool Water

Aside from debris the Texas climate is a perfect place for stagnant water to produce algae and can become a major issue if not addressed. Algae is a very preventable pool maintenance issue but it can creep up on you if not watched. We recommend checking the water levels, making sure your chemicals are in balance and running the pool pump to make sure the water is moving around. Algae thrive in a warmer water, making pool maintenance in Texas a little more difficult but it needs still water to be able to form. Running the pump and using the pool as much as possible are the easiest ways to avoid serious algae growth.

Pool Service in Texas

There are a lot of things that go into keeping a pool clean and as busy people we let them slip through the cracks. If you are having trouble keeping up with all the little check-ins through out the week, you can have Pool Knights come out and do it for you. They will do all the things mentioned above for you and more.

There are plenty of people who stay on top of their pool maintenance and still see some sanitary issues. At that point, save yourself the stress and money and have a professional come out and service the pool for you, it is our job to make sure your pool is running at optimal function and cleanliness. Plus as pool service professionals we know when pumps and filters need to be changed. Make it easy on yourself.