Make Emptying Your In-Ground Pool Easy

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Make Emptying Your In-Ground Pool Easy

When it comes time to empty your in-ground pool be aware there is no cap to twist off and start pouring the contents of your swimming sanctuary out of. Emptying an in-ground pool is quite a process and there are some things you should know before you start on this adventure.

Emptying A Pool Is Work

We’re sure you didn’t look at your pool and think it was going to be an easy task but there is even more that goes into it that meets the eye. Now it is necessary to have or rent equipment to do this with, you will need a submersible pump to pull the gallons of water out of the pool. This is absolutely necessary because there is considerations to be made for where you are putting the water. You can’t just scoop it out and put chlorinated water on your lawn. You can get away with putting some of the water on your plants that are known to  react well to chemicals but this is not a plan for the entire pool.

When done properly the pump should be drained into a sewer grate. There will be a hose that will allow you to set this up. It is tempting to just let the pump do its job and walk away but this process should be carefully monitored as slight movements can leave you with pool water in all the wrong places.

There are laws about how fast you can discharge large amounts of water so check your cities rate before you starting pumping away. The pumps are usually able to go faster that the law requires your speed to be so make sure you are conscious of that. It’s a lot of work and things to keep track of when emptying your pool, our suggestion is not to do it.

Have A Professional Empty Your Pool

Pool emptying is no fun, can be confusing and will cost you money to do yourself anyway. We suggest you have a professional from Pool Knight do it for you . We do it all the time and have it down to a science. Plus we have all the equipment and follow all the laws of water discharge in your area. We’ll get it done for you and do it at a professional standard, without you having to do anything. It’s the smartest and most efficient option to have a Pool Knight empty your pool for you.

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