Swimming Pool Repair: Listen To Your Motor

Posted by Tim Roadnight
Swimming Pool Repair: Listen To Your Motor

Pool motor repair or replacement may be needed if your pump is not working effectively and no damage is apparent in the pump’s wet end. You can help diagnose motor problems just by listening to it. Turn on the motor and hear what happens. Here’s how to differentiate the sounds and link them to their issue.


If your motor makes a humming sound when turned on, the likely culprit is the capacitor. Capacitors store the electrical charge used to start and keep the motor running. Sometimes these overheat or a surge in power occurs, causing them to blow. A replacement capacitor is then necessary.

Grinding or Screeching

If your ears are suddenly inundated with a loud grinding or screeching noise, the bearings are the ones to blame. As a motor ages, the bearings can rust or freeze from water in the casing. There may be a leaky seal in the shaft that caused this to occur, so your pool maintenance professional will check this as well. Bearings are inexpensive to replace, they just require a bearing puller to remove. Pool Knights has the tools and know-how to ensure proper replacement and address any other issues you may be having with your pool.

Pop and a Click

If you hear these sequential noises, the motor is tripping the breaker. A replacement motor is probably necessary. There may also be deeper electrical problems at play.


If you turn on the motor and it is completely silent, first check your power source. If that is OK, then you have a dead motor. Pool motor repair is out of the question at this point. The inner workings have failed and you will need a motor replacement.

Over the last few years, Texas and other states have instituted strict regulations on replacement motors and pumps. You may need to upgrade your pump to a variable or dual speed one. These pumps are designed to need less power overall, saving your electrical system and your wallet. Contact Pool Knights today to assess your pool motor or pump problems, and see if it is time for an upgrade. We service all of your swimming pool repair needs and can provide routine cleaning and maintenance.