Swimming Pool Cleaning For Sand Filters And Filter Cartridges

Posted by Tim Roadnight
Swimming Pool Cleaning For Sand Filters And Filter Cartridges

Scheduling regular pool cleanings and properly maintaining your pool can significantly increase its lifespan and make for cleaner, more enjoyable swims. You want to make sure your filtration system is working effectively, and the water is being circulated to produce clean pool water.

A pool cleaning professional can improve the effectiveness of filters and help keep debris at bay, so clogs are prevented, dirt is trapped, and your pool stays sparkling clean and blue. Here is how we keep your pool at its best when it comes to filter cartridges and sand filters.

Filter Cartridges

When it comes to filter cartridges, we find a balance between keeping dirt away and over-cleaning. Filter cartridges actually do their best work when a little bit of dirt is present. Trapped dirt helps collect more dirt. And, every time the cartridge gets cleaned, the fibers loosen and its ability to trap dirt is slightly diminished. Pool Knights will check the pressure gauge to determine when to clean the filter cartridge and when it needs to be replaced. We also make sure the cleaning is done gently, but with enough pressure, to ensure the longevity of the filter cartridge.

We may recommend a new filter cartridge if it is worn or consistently ineffective. A larger one with more pleats increases the surface area for trapping dirt. Or, perhaps an anti-microbial cartridge is in order. These can help prevent bacteria and algae from accumulating deep within the fabric fibers.

Sand Filters

Sand filters utilize a special sand to trap dirt and bacteria as water is pumped through the sand bed. You reverse the flow through the filter (also known as backwashing) to flush the sand bed clean.

An effective swimming pool service company will not over-backwash. As with the cartridge filters, low-level buildups of sand grains will help trap more dirt. Pool Knights will check the pressure gauge and determine the best time to backwash, so that your sand filter is working at its best.

We may recommend replacing very small sand filters with a larger one if you often need a new one. Larger sand filters typically can last 5-7 years, saving you more money if you having to replace yours every year or less. We may also recommend an upgrade to a sand alternative. This sand is created from natural zeolite particles, which can trap chloramines and ammonia, and provide overall improved filtration.

We may also add a clarifier to your routine pool cleaning. The chemicals used in the clarifier are coagulants that attract and bond particles in your pool. This makes it easier for your filter to trap them. Small quantities of aluminum sulfate can be added to the skimmer to form a gelatinous layer on the surface of the sand bed, further aiding in the sand filter’s effectiveness.

Appropriately cleaned and maintained pools and their filters are important to increasing the lifespan of your pool. Routine swimming pool cleaning is essential in maintaining its health and beauty. Fill out our short online form to request a quote, or call us today!