Is Your Pool Heater Doing Its Job? Call Your Swimming Pool Repair Service to Find Out!

Posted by Tim Roadnight
Is Your Pool Heater Doing Its Job? Call Your Swimming Pool Repair Service to Find Out!

You may not give much thought to your pool equipment. You enjoy a beautiful pool when it’s all working properly, but what happens when it suddenly stops doing its job? Your pool needs each piece working hard to stay clean and look its best. This is especially true for pool heaters. Heaters are a fantastic addition to your pool or home spa…as long as they work! Let’s take a look at what you can do to keep that heater working efficiently so you won’t need to call a swimming pool repair service.

Pool heaters put you in the driver’s seat of your swimming season. Want to take a dip on a chilly evening? Wish you could swim earlier in the spring or later into the fall? Your heater has you covered, either maintaining your perfect temperature all season long or rapidly heating your pool for a soothing late-night swim.

But your heater needs some special care to do its job properly. Without the right balance of pool chemicals, the inner workings of your heater can calcify and erode. This leads to broken parts and an overall decrease in your machine’s performance, resulting in repairs, or even total replacement.

You can help reduce your chances of having to fix a broken heater by closely monitoring the pH levels in your pool. This should be a standard part of your weekly care routine, but be especially vigilant after heavy rain storms of periods where your pool is heavily used. These things can throw off the pH in your pool and damage your heater.

Also keep an eye on how water is flowing through your heater. You’ll need to backwash your sand filter routinely to keep the optimal amount of water moving in your heater. Overworking your equipment can result in more severe wear-and-tear, leading to a reduced lifespan for your equipment.

Routine maintenance is your best offense against premature damage to your pool heater. Keep your water flowing properly and your pH in check, and you’ll enjoy a long and happy swim season. If you think your pool heater isn’t running as well as it should be, call your trusted swimming pool repair service today to get your pool back into shape.