Let Your Swimming Pool Cleaners Get Rid of Your Algae

Posted by Tim Roadnight
Let Your Swimming Pool Cleaners Get Rid of Your Algae

Every swimming pool owner has dealt with algae at some point. It’s an extremely common issue, almost like it’s waiting for you to miss just one day of routine maintenance to start growing. Dealing with algae doesn’t have to be a huge headache—a little preventative care can keep algae at bay. And if you already have algae? Swimming pool cleaners have a few tips for you, or can give you hands-on assistance to send that algae packing.

Getting rid of algae

  • Get chlorinated

If you’ve already got algae in your pool, chlorine is your new best friend. If yoru pool water’s green, that means algae is growing and you don’t have enough chlorine in the water. You can shock your pool with large doses of chlorine, killing the algae and getting the water clean and sanitary for future use.

  • Pick up a good pool brush

Brushing algae off the walls and floor of your pool will help the chlorine do its job faster. Keep in mind that brushing alone won’t kill your algae infestation—it’ll just break it up so it’s floating freely in the water. You’ll need to shock your pool as well to make sure all that algae gets zapped.

  • Watch your pH

Algae will throw your pool’s chemistry out of balance. Use a testing kit to measure the water’s pH as you treat your algae problem. The pH of your pool will probably clock in around 7.6 when there’s algae present, and you’ll want to use a pH reducer to help those levels even out. A pH between 7.2 and 7.6 will maximize the effectiveness of your chlorine and keep the algae from growing.

Don’t let algae come back

  • Keep the water moving

Once you kill off that algae, you’ll need to take some steps to prevent if from growing back. This starts with your circulation system: keep your water flowing, your skimmer basket clean, and your chemical levels even. This’ll make sure your water stays crystal clear.

  • Shock your pool every week

Weekly shocks will go a long way in cleaning your pool. Regular shocking keeps your pool water sanitary and helps boost chlorine levels, which protects your pool from new algae growth.

  • Get into a routine

Keeping your pool clean comes down to your maintenance routine. Regular brushing, vacuuming, and pH checks are just some of the routine steps you should take to keep your pool clean. Make sure to stay on top of this maintenance, or call in your trusted swimming pool cleaners to help.