Clean Green Pools With Maintenance Or A One Time Pool Cleaning Service

Posted by Tim Roadnight
Clean Green Pools With Maintenance Or A One Time Pool Cleaning Service

Have you recently taken a look at your pool and discovered it’s changed from a sparkling, clear blue to an ugly, cloudy green? The pool is probably unswimmable – at the very least, you probably won’t have much of a desire to swim in it! You may be able to fix the problem yourself. If not, you may need to hire someone to perform a one time pool cleaning service.

Determine How Bad The Problem Is

If you wake up to a green pool, it is likely because there is not enough chlorine in the water. You’ll want to test the pH level of your water before you shock your pool. If the pH is high, dumping shock into the pool will just turn the pool more cloudy that it already is.

If your water is TOO green, you may need to perform a one time pool cleaning service where you drain the pool and have it acid-washed. Although this may seem like a nuisance, it is actually a more cost-effective and less time-consuming measure.

Treating The Problem Chemically

If the pH level of your water is high, use muriatic acid. Test the pH level again after four hours of circulation.
Once your pH level is below 7.2, you will begin shocking it with granular chlorine. With your filter pump on, cover the entire pool surface with shock. After a few hours of circulation, feel free to add an algaecide as well.

Run The Filter

If you have a DE filter, begin by backwashing the DE filter. Add fresh DE powder. After shocking the pool, run the pump for 24 hours. Ensure that there is nothing obstructing the pool drain. It can be easy to forget this step, because you likely won’t be able to see your pool drain due to the green water.

If you have a sand filter, the process is the same as above. However, the backwash time should be a minimum of five minutes.

If you have a cartridge filter, you will need to monitor the status of your filter frequently. They will need to be cleaned more often that other filters. You will likely be replacing your cartridge twice a day for at least two days, or until your pool is clear.

What If My Pool Is Still Green?

Filtration problems could be the main culprit if your pool is still cloudy. Pool water needs to be filtered properly. If your filter is malfunctioning, your pool water will remain cloudy. No amount of shock can overcome a poor pool filtration system.

It is also possible that you have high levels of the wrong chemicals. Evaluate the accuracy of your stabilizer and phosphate levels.

Lastly, it is important to remember that if you don’t add chemicals, your pool will turn green!