Pool Cleaning Companies May Encounter These Common Types Of Algae

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Pool Cleaning Companies May Encounter These Common Types Of Algae

Pool algae, also commonly referred to as the nemesis of pool owners around the globe, come in 3 common types. They are Black, Green and Yellow Algae, which all have their own characteristics. Getting rid of them can be quite the chore for pool owners, but with help from pool cleaning companies, you will be back to relaxing and enjoying your pool again in no time.

3 Common Types Of Algae

  • Green algae are by far the most common type of algae that pool cleaning companies see. Even though its name may throw you off track, it comes in a variety of different colors. It can be yellowish-green, blue-green or dark green and usually floats in your water leaving it hazy or murky. This is also the easiest type of algae to get rid of. Thoroughly brushing the sides and bottom of your pool and applying proper amounts of algaecide and shock usually does the trick.
  • Mustard algae, also commonly referred to as yellow algae, is typically yellowish-brown in color. It is often mistaken for pollen, dirt or sand floating in the water and can be difficult to eradicate. Normal doses of shock, chlorine, and algaecide are usually not enough to do the trick and more intensive treatments are required.
  • Black algae are the worst form of algae that pool cleaning companies encounter. Luckily, it is rare, so usually, you will not encounter this type of algae in your pool. It has a thick outer shell that makes it nearly impossible for chemicals to penetrate. Its roots tend to grow deep into cracks in plaster or concrete. If these algae become present in your pool, a deep cleaning must take place. Shock must be incorporated for into the water for 3-4 days and chemical levels must remain balanced afterwards.

Algae, regardless of the type, is a concern for pool owners. It can make your backyard oasis seem like a cesspool, but we are capable of handling all of your pool cleaning needs. We have been helping residents of Spring and surrounding areas get rid of their algae for years. Given the opportunity, we can make your water crystal clear and leave you fully satisfied as well.

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