Keep Your Swimming Pool’s PH Level Balanced And Checked

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Keep Your PH Level Balanced

A swimming pool uses a lot of chemicals, like chlorine, in order to remain safe and ready to use to any time. However, the chemicals that are used in the pool can have an affect on the pH level of the water. It’s important for you to be vigilant about retaining a certain pH level, and this is something that both you and a pool maintenance company can do together. Here’s why it matters.

PH Level Is Safety

PH stands for potential hydrogen, and while that doesn’t seem very descriptive, what it does is measure whether a substance—like water—has a lot or a little of acid or alkaline in it. If water is perfectly balanced between the two, which is ideal for people, it has a pH level of 7. If water has a pH level lower than 7, then it is acidic and can eventually corrode substances exposed to it, like metal or even skin.

If the pH level is above 7, it is higher in alkaline, and, depending on the level, can irritate the skin or eyes. Liquid drain cleaner, for example, has a high alkalinity level, so any pH level that is too low or too high can impact your health.

This is why it’s important to take the time to periodically check the pH level of your pool’s water. Adding chlorine does not mean that the level will remain stable. Any substance that makes contact with the water in your swimming pool can add or subtract your pool’s current pH level, and over weeks and months, can eventually change the level. Bird droppings, for example, can gradually change the pH level of a swimming pool over time.

Make sure your pH level is safe, and make sure you get pool maintenance company to inspect and fine tune aspects of your pool to ensure a healthy environment for everyone.

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