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Do You Clean Your Swimming Pool Enough?

For many pool owners, there’s a great deal of expense put into building a pool—and even the environment around it—that makes for a great backdrop to many fun days and night in the yard. But after spending that money to have a pool that looks great, some owners forget to put in the same amount of effort to take care of the pool, especially when it comes to cleaning it. That’s where a good pool cleaning service can come in.

Health & Safety

While most pool owners see the obvious benefit in breaking out the net and “skimming” the pool for leaves and other contaminants, there’s more to a clean pool than just keeping the surface clear. Detritus like leaves and other matter can also sink to the bottom of the pool, as well as cling to the sides. If left unattended, these contaminants can still harm your pool, ultimately making it unsafe for people to swim in.

Beyond the contaminants you can see, there are the ones you can’t. The pool’s pump and filtration systems are designed to move water around and purify it. That means that they can often pick up and become clogged with contaminants themselves, which is why it’s important to also periodically check these vital pieces of equipment. Beyond making your pool unsafe, a broken pump or clogged filtration system can also cost you money in repairs.

Chemical balance is another important aspect of pool cleanliness that is affected both by the contaminants you can see and clean, as well as the ones you can’t. Just because you have chlorine in your pool, doesn’t mean that your pool is forever safe from things like algae colonies. Anything, from dirt in the water to too many bird droppings dissolving into the pool can upset the chemical balance and eventually overcome your chlorine.

Regularity Is Critical

If you want to avoid these problems, there’s an easy solution. Clean your pool regularly. Not just skimming the water, but cleaning the bottom, brushing the sides, and properly inspecting and maintaining your pump, filter and chemical balance. You can do all of these tasks yourself with a little bit of effort and diligence. But if you want both convenience and peace of mind, you can also leave it to the experts, like Pool Knights, who can offer you efficient, effective and regular pool cleaning service. And that means you never have to worry about your pool, and can use it as and when you like.

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