A Clean Pool Is A Safe One

Posted by Tim Roadnight
A Clean Pool Is A Safe One

Pool cleaning may not be one of the most glamorous activities people undertake during the summer, but it’s one of the most important for the health and safety of your family and friends that want to use a pool. It’s true that a clean swimming pool looks more appealing than a dirty one with leaves and other contaminants in it. But beyond the visual appeal of a clean swimming pool, there’s one very important task that something like a professional pool cleaning service can do for you. It can prevent your loved ones from getting sick just because they wanted to enjoy themselves in the water.

Diseases On The Rise

It’s not a common name, but Cryptosporidium is an illness that, unfortunately, has been gaining more ground in the USA. One of the reasons for this is, unfortunately, owners being lax in their pool cleaning responsibilities, and this extends to both public and private pool owners.

Cryptosporidium is commonly regarded as an illness that occurs in less developed nations, but over the last few years, the incidence of this illness being diagnosed in the USA has tripled. Fortunately, it’s not usually fatal; the symptoms usually manifest as a serious, chronic case of diarrhea, which can normally be overcome without serious medical treatment. However, the very young and the very old may suffer far more from this illness than adults in their prime. In the state of Arizona, for example, 2016 saw a disturbing rise of 352 diagnosed cases of cryptosporidium. Previous to that year, there were never more than 62.

What You Can Do

Obviously, diligent pool cleaning is important for prevention. Cryptosporidium is contracted primarily through swallowing. This means that the two most common methods of delivery are consuming contaminated food or water. Because of the high health and safety standards, the USA has in its various food industries, the majority of cryptosporidium cases in this country have been through contaminated pool water.

All it takes is the infected feces of an organism—whether that is a person, or an animal—to make contact with water, and contagion can potentially affect everyone in the pool. This is why it’s so important to act quickly whenever you see anything in the pool that shouldn’t be there, especially if it’s waste from an organism.

Let The Experts Help

Pool cleaning is a combination of both keeping the water clear of things you can see, as well as ensuring a proper chemical balance to sterilize the things you can’t, such as bacteria and viruses. When you leave your pool cleaning service to the professionals, this means that you get the peace of mind that comes from getting top quality protection. People with both the technical expertise and the years of experience are taking care of cleaning out the swimming pool itself, as well as carefully monitoring and maintaining the apparatus that keeps your pool’s chemical balance at optimal levels. And that means you don’t have to worry about whether your water is safe or not, you, your family and your friends can just enjoy it.