Don’t Swim After You Get A Tattoo

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Don’t Swim After You Get A Tattoo

As a professional pool maintenance company, one of the things we pride ourselves on is making the swimming experience safe for our customers. We are meticulous about maintaining the right chemical balance and ensuring that top quality pool maintenance means the people who trust in our services have nothing to worry about.

However, there’s little we can do when people ignore good medical advice, and we got a tragic example of that recently, down in southern Texas, at the beach. A man whose name has been withheld got a tattoo and ignored the advice that was given to him, which is to not expose the traumatized skin to any sources of contagion. He swam in the Gulf and afterward reported feeling ill. It turned out that his leg, where he got the tattoo, had created the perfect entry point for a flesh eating virus, and he subsequently died a month later, in the hospital, of septic shock that the doctors were unable to treat.

Don’t Risk Your Life

Of course, swimming in a pool with chlorine is a very different experience from swimming in the ocean, which is an uncontrolled environment. But even with chlorine protecting you, and a professional pool service looking after the area, the guideline still stands. If you have just gotten a tattoo, the skin on which that tattoo was grafted has essentially been subjected to multiple tiny open wounds. It is very vulnerable to infection, and you are risking your own health and life by ignoring sound medical advice and exposing that area to prolonged contact with fluids.

Obviously, you get much more protection and peace of mind when you have a pool maintenance company to clean your pool, inspect the equipment, and ensure that the chemical balance is at proper levels. But that doesn’t mean you should take unnecessary health risks with something like a fresh tattoo.