A Clean Pool Is A Legally Protected One

Posted by Tim Roadnight
A Clean Pool Is A Legally Protected One

As a professional pool maintenance company, one of the things that we will always promote is keeping your pool clean. This doesn’t just make for a more visually appealing environment, it can also keep you, your family and friends safe from illnesses that may be lurking in the water. And that health protection can also amount to legal protection from something like a negligence case.

People Can Sue For Illness

If you have a swimming pool, then this means you’ve automatically taken on a certain amount of legal responsibility. Your responsibility, as a homeowner with a swimming pool, is to maintain a minimum standard of safety for that pool. If you fail to uphold this responsibility, anyone that suffers as a consequence of you ignoring your duties has the legal grounds to sue you for negligence. And if they can provide evidence of their argument, they can win that lawsuit and the court will force you to financially compensate them.

So, in extreme example, just before a pool party you are throwing, you notice that an animal of some type has defecated in your pool. You decide NOT to clean it up and trust that the chlorine in your pool will be sufficient to the task. Later, as the pool party gets underway, children at the part eventually start reporting that they don’t feel well.

Eventually, they go to the hospital and are diagnosed with the cryptosporidium, an illness that causes chronic diarrhea that can only be contracted by consuming contaminated food or water. This illness can be especially serious for children or the elderly. The parents may be aware that you decided not to clean your pool, and put the child at risk, leaving you open to a lawsuit.

Don’t take this chance. Always clean your pool when you see visible contaminants, and make sure you have the protection of a professional pool maintenance company for even more peace of mind.