What Homeowners Need To Know About Basic Pool Maintenance

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What Homeowners Need To Know About Basic Pool Maintenance

Having a pool in the summer heat of a Spring or The Woodlands, Texas summer gives you a whole lot of fun and a great relief from the heat, but it comes with quite a bit of work as well. Basic pool maintenance entails a number of things, and when maintaining your pool all by yourself, you’ll find that you spend equal time keeping it swim-ready as you do swimming in it yourself. Professional swimming pool cleaning services like ours at Pool Knights can help you to take care of much of the basics of pool care, which in turn gives you more time to simply sit back, or swim back, and enjoy your investment.

The first step to basic pool maintenance is the everyday stuff. Skimming your pool and emptying out skimming baskets helps to keep the filters running smoothly and the bottom of the pool clean of debris. If you have nearby trees, flowering plants, or shrubs that shed leaves, this could even turn into a twice or more daily job to clean the pool of all the debris that the plants contribute to it on a daily basis.

Next, you’ll consider your weekly basic maintenance. These weekly tasks include checking circulation, shocking the pool, and vacuuming the pool to get all the pesky debris that sinks right to the bottom. If your pool is particularly wide, you may even need to vacuum your pool in sections, which can be a long process. A swimming pool company can help to cut down on these weekly tasks by providing weekly swimming pool maintenance.

Lastly, you have all the occasional parts of basic pool maintenance, which will need to be carried out perhaps not every day or every week, but a little less frequently. These tasks include cleaning and backwashing the filters, and adding chlorine to your pool’s system. With the help of a pool cleaning company, your Texas pool’s occasional basic maintenance can be taken care of for you, without any need to remember when it’s time to do this, or if you’re doing that correctly.

Our Pool Knights professional cleaning and maintenance services keep pool owners of Spring and The Woodlands enjoying their pools, rather than worrying if they’re maintaining everything in just the right way.