How Often Should My Pool Be Cleaned By A Pool Cleaning Company?

Posted by Tim Roadnight
pool cleaning company - How Often Should My Pool Be Cleaned?

A clean pool is a happy pool, and it’s a healthy pool that families in Texas can enjoy all throughout the summer season. There are a number of reasons why swimming pool cleaning services should be a priority to every pool owners, and these reasons include:

  • Keeping things healthy – A regularly cleaned pool is a healthy pool for family members and friends who will be enjoying your pool environment.
  • Saving you money on pool maintenance – When your pool is regularly cleaned and cared for, you will save money on pool maintenance services. The equipment that maintains your pool will be put through less day to day work.
  • Allows you to be insured – Pool insurance is a good idea for any pool owners, and one of the first things your insurance provider will check regarding your pool is the cleanliness of the pool and surrounding area for safety purposes.

So, now that you know a few reasons why it pays to regularly clean your pool, you’re probably wondering just how often your pool needs some type of cleaning. The short answer to this question is every day, although some aspects of cleaning will be carried out weekly, bi-weekly, or occasionally. Pool cleaning is a job that needs to be kept regular, just like the cleaning of your home, if you want your pool to remain safe and healthy for all to enjoy.

Daily cleaning of your pool should include skimming your pool and checking your filter baskets. Removing this debris will keep your water circulating and your pool free from harmful debris. If your pool sits next to a flowering tree or other landscape elements that produces a lot of debris, these may need to be done even more frequently.

Weekly, you’ll want to check the pH levels of the pool and shock the pool using chemicals if necessary, as well as vacuum the bottom of the pool itself. Even with regular skimming and cleaning, debris will settle to the pool’s floor, and vacuuming ensures its removal.

Bi-weekly or occasional cleaning of the tiles or pool’s plaster and the filters should also be carried out, as well as adding chlorine to the pool’s system. This keeps your pool free from bacteria, the filters running smoothly, and algae from growing on the walls and floor of the pool itself.

Pool cleaning by the professionals is always ideal, as it ensures your pool maintenance is being carried out to the highest possible standard. A pool cleaning company like ours at Pool Knights keeps your pool cleaning easy, and lets you have more fun with your pool with less work.