Why Does My Pool Need Weekly Servicing?

Posted by Tim Roadnight
swimming pool maintenance service - Why Does My Pool Need Weekly Servicing?

If you want to continue to swim in and enjoy a healthy, happy, and clean pool, there is quite a bit that goes into servicing your pool weekly. Texas can get pretty hot in the summer, and families with pools have plenty of time and opportunity to enjoy their well-maintained pool as long as all the weekly servicing needs are met. A few services your pool requires once per week are:

  • Skimming – Skimming should really be considered a daily service, rather than weekly service, as one should skim their pools as often as possible before debris is allowed to settle at the bottom. While this swimming pool cleaning task is a relatively easy one, it’s also an easy one to forget.
  • Clean your skimmers – With heavy use comes heavy accumulation, and your pool skimmers can begin to collect algae and bacteria when not cleaned a lease once per week.
  • Vacuum – For all those little bits of dirt and debris you can’t get with the skimmer, your pool will need to be vacuumed around once per week. Vacuuming ensures the bottom of your pool stays clean and free from outside elements.
  • Shocking – The pH of your pool should be checked daily, and a weekly shocking treatment ensures algae, bacteria, and dirt are cleared from your pool and the water is kept safe for swimming.
  • Checking circulation – You should also check your water circulation once per week, making sure the filters, skimmers, pump, pump strainer, and drains are all running properly. Good circulation ensures all chemicals are being dispersed effectively around the pool.

Keeping your pool up to date with all of its weekly maintenance, as you can see, is a pretty hefty job. There are daily checks that turn into weekly services, weekly checks, and maintenance measures that should be taken to ensure your pool remains safe for swimming. Our Pool Knights swimming pool maintenance service ensures that your weekly checklist is taken care of by the pros, giving you more time to spend enjoying your pool, and less time having to maintain it.