Tips For Keeping Your Pool During The Off-Season

Posted by Tim Roadnight
professional swimming pool service- Tips For Keeping Your Pool During The Off-Season

Pools are most fun during the hot Texas summer heat, but what do you do with your pool once fall and winter roll around? During the off-season, you’ll want to keep your pool in great shape so it’s ready to go when the summer rolls around again, and a few tips can help to keep your swimming pool repair costs low. Ways to keep your pool in good shape during the off-season include:

  • Drain thoroughly – The first piece of pool maintenance you should carry out for the off-season is thorough draining of your pool, your pipes, and any motorized parts that may be associated with your pool system. Water left in the pipes and system can lead to freezing and damage in the winter, giving you much more serious need for a pool maintenance company later on. As for draining your pool itself, lower the water level to about 6 inches below the skimmers.
  • Trim back landscaping elements – Trees, shrubs, or flower bushes that grow large enough to obstruct parts of the pool or leave debris in the water should be trimmed back during the off-season. Typically, waiting for spring and new growth is best, but it can be done at any point throughout the fall or winter as well. Make sure to trim back your landscape carefully as not to cause holes to puncture in your winter pool cover.
  • Keep your cover clean – All throughout the off-season, you’ll want to keep your pool cover sufficiently clean. Allowing water or debris to accumulate on the cover will cause damage to occur, and damage to your cover leaves your pool vulnerable.
  • Keep things clean – Adding a longer-term algaecide and chlorine to your pool in the fall for the off-season is also a good idea. These elements will stop algae and bacteria growth during the fall, winter, or spring, and give you a much easier pool opening once warm weather is back again.

A professional swimming pool service like ours at Pool Knights can help to keep your Spring or The Woodlands pool clean and safe all throughout the year.