When Should You Drain Your Pool?

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When Should You Drain Your Pool?

Draining your pool is no small endeavor. If done improperly, it can cause costly damage to your pool. Yet during the lifespan of your pool, there are times when it is necessary to drain it. Companies that offer a swimming pool repair service should be able to drain and refill your pool quickly and efficiently. What circumstances require draining your pool? 

Reasons To Drain Your Pool

There are some scenarios that will require an obvious drain. For example, a new pool owner was set to enjoy their recently completed backyard oasis. Their pool sat at the bottom of a hill, and they had not yet completed the surrounding landscaping. A torrential rain came, washing tons of dirt and sediment into their pool, ruining their pool water. They were forced to perform a swimming pool repair service and drain their pool.

Even if you water remains healthy over time, it is recommended that you drain your pool every 5-7 years. Over time, pool water collects the dead skin, oils, and hair that is expected after years of people swimming in it. No matter how diligent you are about maintaining the proper balance of chemicals in your pool’s water, a proper drain will do wonders for the health of your pool.

If you have gone a while without maintaining the water in your pool, it is also recommended that you contact a local pool company that offers a swimming pool repair service to drain the water from the pool. It can be very difficult to properly balance water that has been unmaintained, and starting fresh is often a good idea. It is also possible that unmaintained water can cause damage to your pool’s surface interior, as “hard water” can leave calcium and mineral deposits behind. The sooner you remove this water from the pool, the better off your pool will be.

When Is The Best Time To Drain?

If you are draining a pool because of an emergency, your hands may be tied as to when you can perform the drain. You may have to perform it as soon as possible. If you are draining the pool simply due to routine maintenance, it is best to wait until the cooler months. This will afford you the opportunity to still enjoy your pool in the summertime when it is needed the most. It also reduces the risk of damage to your pool, as the sun and heat can cause damage to your pool’s surfaces and filtration systems.

Since the Texas sun and heat can be harsh, you should allow professionals to drain your pool. They can perform the drain and refill quickly, protecting the integrity of your pool’s interior. It may be tempting to perform the drain yourself and save a few bucks, but that could prove costly in the long run as you’ll then have to pay for even more expensive repairs.