Weekly Pool Servicing Will Increase Your Pool’s Lifespan

Posted by Tim Roadnight
Weekly Pool Servicing Will Increase Your Pool’s Lifespan

As you likely know by now, owning a pool requires a lot of work. If you put this work off, it will continually mount until large scale repairs are needed to correct the problem. You want to enjoy the luxury of your pool but with work, the kids, and all the other stresses life may bring about, you don’t have the time to keep up with your pool as diligently as you should. A weekly pool cleaning service will help increase the lifespan of your pool, making it enjoyable for decades to come! 

What Is Performed During A Weekly Pool Cleaning Service?

The following services can be performed during your weekly pool cleanings.

  • Skimming – Leaves, insects, and other debris that have accumulated on your pool’s surface will be removed.
  • Vacuuming – Any debris that has sunk to the bottom of your pool will be removed.
  • Skimmer Cleaning – Debris that has accumulated in your skimmers will be removed. This will ensure that your skimmers are operating at maximum efficiency.
  • Water Circulation Tests – There are various components to the circulation system of your pool, including the skimmer, pump, pump strainer, drains, and filter. Your professional swimming pool cleaners will test to ensure that these systems are working properly so that your pool functions well in-between visits.
  • Filter Check – Your filter works to prevent debris from entering our pool. Your professional pool cleaner will clean and maintain your filter as necessary.
  • Chemicals – Your professional swimming pool cleaner will test your water to make sure that the chemicals are at the proper levels. He will add chemicals as necessary to help balance your water. Your pool cleaner may also “shock” your pool. Shock cleans the water to remove algae, bacteria, and dirt that have built up in your pool over time.

Your professional cleaner should also be able to give a full report of all services performed.

Benefits Of A Weekly Pool Cleaning Service

Perhaps most importantly, week pool cleanings will help keep your pool up and running through the summer. Keeping the water clean and properly balanced will allow you to maximize the time which you are able to use your pool.

Not cleaning your pool can have detrimental effects. Allowing bacteria to grow could result in stains, meaning you’ll have to replace the interior of your pool sooner than expected. Not keeping proper pH levels could also mean costly repairs down the line. Allowing debris to accumulate could impact your pool’s filtration system, requiring repairs and possible replacements to your filtration system.

Hiring professional swimming pool cleaners can save you time and energy. You won’t have to worry about maintaining your pool, but can rest assured knowing that it is being cared for properly. Allowing professionals to clean your pool weekly can give you the peace of mind to know that your pool is being properly cared for.