Do You Know What The Different Types of Pool Filters Are?

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Different Types of Pool Filters

Pool filters are important for a swimming pool because as water is pushed through the filter, all of the dirt and debris that was in the water is trapped, so the pool water stays clean. Filters are typically run between six and twelve hours a day, but this also depends on the size of the pool and how much the pool is used.

Types of Filters

There are three types of filters available for inground pools. These filters include sand, diatomaceous earth or DE, and cartridge. As with run time, the type of filter used also depends on how much you want to spend, the amount of maintenance you will require, and where you are located.

Sand Filters

Sand filters are the least expensive filter option. The tank includes 25% free space and 75% sand. The water passes through the sand to filter out debris from the pool, and it typically has a multiport valve to allow three to six functions. There is a filter mode and backwash mode. The sand in the tank should be replaced every few years depending on how much the pool and filter had been used.

DE Filters

DE filters work like sand filters except instead of sand there are a set of grids inside of the filter. The water passes through these grids and removes all the dirt and other particles from the water. Like sand filters, DE filters also need to be backwashed, but you will also lose a lot of the DE, so you will have to add more DE powder to the filter when you are ready to recharge it.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are one of the most popular and most common filter options available; They can come as single element filters or multi element. A multi element cartridge is best to create a more maintenance friendly pool. The filter should be taken out and cleaned at least twice a year and will typically take up to two hours to thoroughly clean and replace the filters.

No matter which filters you choose, it is important to understand the level of maintenance you are able to follow and how often the pool will be used so you can find the most effective filter option for your swimming pool.

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