A Reputable Pool Repair Company For When Your Pump Goes Kaput

Posted by Tim Roadnight
A Reputable Pool Repair Company For When Your Pump Goes Kaput

Your swimming pool pump is essential for keeping the water of an optimal clarity. It often remains hidden off to the side of the house, behind the garage, or in other locations where homeowners pay it little mind, that is until it begins malfunctioning. The familiar buzzing or humming noise from the motor can become heard in many of our backyards, right here in the Woodlands, but residents don’t always know where to turn when the sound and functionality cease to exist anymore. We are a local pool repair company that is capable of handling your cleaning, servicing, and other swimming pool needs.

Look For These Potential Problems

Not every incident of a breaking motor is preventable, but many of them are, and by just doing a visual inspection of your equipment, you may save yourself a lot of money in the long run. Many repairs are cheaper than having to replace a pump. Water leaking or seeping from the housing or connections is a problem that should be addressed quickly. A crack in the casing or another area can lead to the unit sucking air, becoming overworked, and just plain burning out. If something does not look or sound right to you, contact our office to schedule service, and let our pool repair company take a look at the system to get it back in working and functioning order.

Discoloration or water stains and spots might also be indicators of a past or future dilemma. If these signs are there, but no water is present, the leak may have sealed itself off for the time being. A piece of rust, or other debris, can become dislodged, block the hole temporarily, and wait to begin leaking again at the most inopportune time. Don’t let a busted pool pump ruin the pool party that you have had planned for months by malfunctioning and turning the water green, and instead, let us help you in your time of need.

Faulty electrical circuits or wiring can also share the blame for motors not running. Breakers and switches must be checked accordingly to ensure that the problem lies in the pump. Our technicians will check out all aspects of the unit, and if the predicament stems from another field, they will point you in the right direction for fixing the ailment. Take an extra few minutes out of your swimming time to inspect your equipment, and with any luck, we can prevent bad breaks from happening.