3 Signs It’s Time To Fix The Swimming Pool Pump

Posted by Tim Roadnight
3 Signs It’s Time To Fix The Swimming Pool Pump

Whether or not you know it, the pump in your swimming pool is its beating heart, and in more ways than one. And not only does it keep the water circulating instead of stagnating, it also does your liver’s job by filtering out everything that shouldn’t be there. Making sure the pool pump works is key to keeping your pool in good condition, and if something is seriously wrong then it’s probably time to call a swimming pool repair service.

1. The Pump’s Moving But The Water Isn’t

This is the most common problem you’ll see because it’s the first thing that’ll happen if you forget to maintain your pool. If the pump is working as well as it can but water isn’t moving through it as fast as it should, it’s probably because the filter or a pump basket is full.

Things float into pools and other bodies of water constantly, and so the pump filter grabs them so they can’t start growing even in spite of the chlorine in the water. But if the filter fills up with debris and algae, there’s no room left for water to get through. Depending on the make and the age, the fix could be as simple as pulling the filter out and washing it off or emptying out the basket.

2. The Pump Leaks

If a puddle forms under or around the pump, it’s probably because one of the seals around the pipes has failed from age. In this case, the fix is getting a new set of seals that fit your pump’s make and model and then replacing them all. This is so you don’t have to go back and replace all the other old seals as they fail one after another. Replacing pump seals is fairly easy if you’re good at mechanical jobs, but if that’s not the case a swimming pool repair service can do the job for you in an hour or two.

3. The Pump Is Loud

There are several reasons why the pump would go from quiet to noisy. If it rattles, pebbles or debris might have gotten in past the baskets and filters. If it whines, that usually means it’s not moving enough water and you should check the filter. If it screeches, it probably lost a ball bearing somewhere and you should get a swimming pool repair service to inspect it and replace what came out.

There are other ways pumps can go wrong and other signs that it needs repair, but these three are easy to notice and relatively common. And if you notice one of these problems, be sure you know what’s wrong and how to fix it. If you don’t, that’s what your local swimming pool repair service is for.