Professional Pool Plaster Repair For Spring And The Woodlands Residents

Posted by Tim Roadnight
Professional Pool Plaster Repair For Spring And The Woodlands Residents

As swimming pools age, the ground around it shifts in various directions, and tree roots grow towards the water source, plaster can become cracked and damaged. The pool may even need to be drained, depending on where the issue occurs, to allow repairs to take place. Water loss will be an issue if the break is significant, and swimmers can even receive injuries from the jagged edges. Unfortunately, the Woodlands and residents from surrounding areas don’t always know where to turn when these complications arise. Our reputable organization offers pool plaster repair, and we are located right here in Spring.

The area becomes thoroughly cleaned, and after completing the patch, the plaster repair will be smooth and flat. Leaving the broken surface alone, while hosting a pool party, is a recipe for disaster. Lacerations and other damages can occur, which may even lead to victims filing a claim against the homeowner’s insurance. Let us help you keep your friends and family safely out of harm’s way by performing a pool plaster repair sooner, rather than later.

Don’t fret if you own an above ground pool that sustains a burst seam or tear. We also provide relining service to combat these issues. Most liners come with a 20-year or more warranty, but in our experience, they typically only last between six and ten years. Types of chemicals used, numbers of swimmers and various other factors can lead to early liner failures. Before running out and buying a new pool, contact our office to see if a new pool relining is right for you.

Monthly Care-Free Maintenance Programs Are Available Too

Remembering to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment for pool maintenance is an easily forgotten task. Our month-to-month rolling contracts make the business relationship easygoing, and keeps your water in stellar condition for swimming whenever you get ready. Our technicians maintain your pool with our 8-point preventative maintenance program and are always on the lookout for potential future problems. These actions result in more time for our clients to enjoy their pool. Looking into your backyard at yellow, green, and murky water can leave you feeling less than pleased about your investment. Allow us to show you why so many residents trust us with all of their pool needs. We go above and beyond to exceed your customer service expectations, but most importantly, your pool will be in excellent condition.