Pool Plaster Repair (And Other Off-Season Updates You Need)

Posted by Tim Roadnight

The weather never truly gets cold in Spring, T.X.; it just isn’t as hot in the wintertime. That’s why swimming pools are so popular all over town and many of them can get used all year around.


Tis The Season For Fixing


No matter what the weather, winter is probably as close to an off-season that you can get, and this makes it the perfect time to have pool repairs done. After all, no one wants to take time out for pool plaster repair in the middle of June when you just want to spend the day in the water.

If your pool needs updates and repairs, why not get them taken care of while you can. Besides, chances are that your pool company has a bit less business now anyway and will have a more flexible schedule to fit you in.


Other Updates You Might Need


Beyond the chips in the deck, cracks in the sidewalk, and other common reasons you need pool plaster repair, there are a few other updates that you might want to consider, such as:


• A new pool liner. If your liner looks shabby, is cracking, or has wrinkles, it might be the time to have it replaced. They typically last for 8 – 12 years, so even if it seems to be hanging on, but it’s time is almost up, you might want to get it taken care of before you have no choice.
• Maintenance to the pool pump. The pool pump keeps your pool clean and debris-free, which means it keeps the algae away so you can play. When it begins to break down, you’ll need a repair or replace ASAP. Look for signs of wear and consider repair while you can.
• Fixing the filter (or finding a new one). Second to the pump for keeping things clear is the filter. If the water quality looks poor, of if you find that it requires more frequent cleaning, you might need to have it checked out to keep things clean.


Nothing is worse than taking a time-out from fun, so take a minute now to get your pool ready for the hot days to come. After all, it won’t be long.