Don’t Ignore Your Swimming Pool Filter

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Don’t Ignore Your Swimming Pool Filter - Pool Knights

While it’s easy to think of a swimming pool as simply a big hole that’s filled with water, there’s a lot more going on than the water “just sitting there.” A delicate balance of chemicals is at play to keep the water safe for people to swim in, and there are mechanisms at work to screen out physical contamination. One of these mechanisms is your pool filter, and, like the pool itself, it needs regular swimming pool service to keep it in good shape.

Screening Your Water


Your pool’s water doesn’t actually remain still and stagnant in the pool. In addition to the chemicals added to fight bacteria, a pump regularly sends that pool water through a physical filtration system. That system may consist of either fine sand, a very fine, manufactured surface built into a cartridge, or a powder made of diatomaceous earth.

Regardless of which technology is used, the final goal is the same; water passes through the filter, and, because it is liquid, safely negotiates the filter, while solid contaminants cannot make it past this fine screen and are caught. In this way, through a regular action of pumping exposed pool water back into the filter, smaller, less obvious contaminants are caught, trapped and remain separated from the rest of the water.


It’s Not A Perpetual Motion Machine


However, these filters cannot run indefinitely. Because of the constant mechanical action, it’s inevitable that all three types of filters will, eventually, “wear down.” Sand filters lose their coarseness and become smooth, letting more matter through. Cartridge filters eventually fill up. DE filters lose their effectiveness.

It’s an important part of good swimming pool service to make sure you keep track of the amount of time a filter has been in operation, and replace it. An experienced professional, looking after your pool, will always know when it’s time to do this.

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