Best Pool Maintenance Services in Spring Texas

Posted by Tim Roadnight
Best Pool Maintenance Services in Spring Texas

Best Pool Maintenance Services in Spring Texas

Swimming is one of the great pleasures of summer. Keeping your pool in tip-top shape is a high priority.

Don’t let swimming pool woes get you down. We’re here to help with issues, such as leaks, pumps, other pool repairs, or if your pool just requires a good cleaning. We work with pool owners in and around the Spring, Texas, area. We take great pride in providing exceptional service. Your friends, family, and guests expect a sparkling clean pool. Give them what they deserve by signing up for our pool maintenance plan.


An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Your swimming pool is a big investment. Protect that investment with a pool maintenance plan. You can set up regular biweekly, weekly or monthly cleanings. It’s best if you schedule cleaning once a week for private use and biweekly for public use. This type of regular pool service keeps harmful bacteria away and pool water healthy.

Pool maintenance plans include various services. Full cleanings include vacuuming the floor of the swimming pool, using professional tools designed to do the job properly. The water is tested for levels of bacteria and chlorine. Additional chlorine can be added if necessary. Proper water balance will keep your pool sanitized and prolongs the life of your swimming pool fixtures and plaster surfaces. Your tech will also backwash the filter and then recharge it.

Regular maintenance keeps filters running smoothly. Filters running overtime waste energy and money. Reducing their workload with regular cleanings cuts back on energy use and minimizes the need for all sorts of repairs.


Leaks, Faulty Pumps, and Other Problems

Water leaks are one of the most common issues. It’s normal for the water level to go down because of splash out, backwashing to the filter or water evaporation. But, if you notice you’re losing more than 2 inches of water every week, you will want to investigate.

The first step is detection. A certified pool inspector can offer expert advice. There are several areas of your pool that are prone to having leaks. These include the skimmer, filtration system, and pipes. A tech will check for air bubbles around the pump, inspect the basket lid and O-ring. The light housing, the drain at the bottom of the swimming pool, or the waste or backwash line could also be the culprit.

Pump problems are common, too. A wide range of factors could be at play if your pool pump won’t prime. Some require a replacement. Some don’t. More simple issues with clogs or a skimmer that’s stuck closed can be resolved quickly. Other times, the problem is more complex. Experienced pool service technicians can troubleshoot discharge leaks, internal diffuser problems, or Jandy-valve O-ring air leaks. And, don’t forget about our other services, including pool remodeling, caulking, and tile refurbishment. You’ll get quality results that last for years.

As with any task involving the use of chemicals, safety is also a concern. Hiring a pool service professional eliminates the risk of storing and using chemicals, such as chlorine and calcium hypochlorite. Chlorine rusts anything nearby, which could mean anything stored along with it in a garage – for example, your car. There is also a risk of fire when using compounds, such as calcium hypochlorite, which is highly flammable.


Safety, convenience, and peace of mind can all be attained by using a reputable pool service. When the question is what is the best pool maintenance service near me? Give us a call about pool repair, our pool cleaning service or an unbeatable pool maintenance plan. Let’s go swimming!


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