Professional Pool Cleaning Keeps Your Pool Water Healthy & Clean in All Conditions

Posted by Tim Roadnight
Professional Pool Cleaning Keeps Your Pool Water Healthy & Clean in All Conditions

Professional Pool Cleaning Keeps Your Pool Water Healthy & Clean in All Conditions

An estimated 10 million people in the United States have homes with swimming pools. Having a pool allows these individuals to engage in healthy exercise on their own property, and it also provides wonderful opportunities for entertaining family and friends.

However, having a swimming pool also means that you have the responsibility of regular maintenance to keep the water clean, sanitary and inviting. However, in Texas, changes in weather can make chemically treating your pool a little more complicated. Weekly cleanings by a professional pool cleaning company in the Houston area of Spring and The Woodlands can ensure that your pool water, whether fresh water or salt water, is always attractive, healthy and ready for family and friends to enjoy.


Maintaining Proper Pool Chemistry

The Centers for Disease Control notes that the most favorable pH for swimming pools is between 7.2 to 7.8. When pH is higher than this, eye irritation and skin irritation can occur. Alkalinity and calcium content are other measures of swimming pool chemistry that must be properly adjusted on a periodic basis. Regular addition of chemicals to the water helps to remove bacteria, prevent the growth of algae and keep your pool water clear and refreshing.


Hot Weather

Texas experiences sustained high temperatures in the 90s and high humidity during the summer months. These conditions favor the growth of bacteria in pool water that can be a hazard to you and your family. A professional pool cleaning service can do weekly testing and adjustment of pool chemicals to ensure that your pool stays safe, clean and clear throughout the summer.


Heavy Rains

Texas heavy summer rainfall is another factor that can cause problems with pool chemistry. The additional water from heavy rainfall can dilute the pool chemicals, making your pool more vulnerable to bacterial growth. Your pool cleaning company can ensure that your pool stays sanitary, in spite of frequent rains.


Preventing Algae

Algae growth can occur when spores are deposited into the swimming pool by rain, winds or contaminated equipment. The pool water will take on an unhealthy, greenish color that can encourage the growth of bacteria and may affect individuals with allergies. Your swimming pool cleaning service will shock the water with additional chlorine and add algae-removing chemicals to restore it to a clear and healthy condition.



A swimming pool professional will ensure proper adjustments have been made to your pool’s chemical composition so you can enjoy the clearest, cleanest, healthiest swimming possible, regardless of any environmental changes that occur.


Feel free to contact the professional pool cleaning professionals at Pool Knights. Let us help you keep your swimming pool healthy and sparkling clean.