My Pool Is Losing Water: When to Call for Repair

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My Pool Is Losing Water: When to Call for Repair

My Pool Is Losing Water: When to Call for Repair

Does it seem like the water level of your pool is decreasing rapidly? Some water loss is normal because of evaporation, water that splashes out, and wastewater backwash. So, how do you know when the lower level of water in your pool is normal. You might ask, why is my inground pool losing water? As a rule, it is said if you have to add 2 inches or more of pool water back in each week, then you might have a leak.


Pool Losing Water When Pump Is On

If the water level dramatically decreases when are running your pool’s pump, you might have a leak in the pipes that suction water away from the pool. Leaky pipes draw in air. The telltale giveaway will be if you see air bubbles coming up out of the return line. If your pump basket has a clear lid, it is possible that you will also notice some air in it. Your pump may not even be capable of taking in water, just air, and may overheat.

When you call someone to repair your pool, he or she will check for leaks around the O-ring on the pump’s lid and basket, check the housing around the drain plugs, make sure the adapter that is threaded into the face of the pool pump is secure, check PVC joints, and all the valves in your plumbing. If you notice wet soil around where the pipes are buried, a good repairperson will check those, too. Underground pipes usually don’t break, but it does occasionally happen. Obviously, there may be a fair amount of troubleshooting involved in determining the cause of your leak. However, there is a methodical way of going about finding the leak, so certain steps are followed.

Pool Losing Water Below Skimmer

If your pool water appears to be stopping just under the pool skimmer, that is likely where your problem is. In this case, the water level will decline to just below the skimmer and then stop. Again, this is likely because of a leak in the suction line. This time, the leak is most likely in the pipes near your skimmer.

How to Fix A Pool Leak

Once you figure out where the leak is, you will have to take steps to repair it. This can be a simple process or quite complicated, depending on the location of the leak. If it is in the suction line, pressure testing can be used to confirm the problem and then any defective components or pipes are replaced.

There are times that the leak is within the pool itself. This situation requires greater effort. A diver will examine the inside of your pool systematically, looking for cracks and checking drains, fittings, seams, and lighting fixtures. If anything appears to be damaged, the diver uses dye to target the right spot. The colored dye will get sucked through the leak if it exists. Once the location of the leak is identified, a pool maintenance company that are professionals to help when your pool is losing water will use a special glue gun to patch the leak. It is a special type of glue that is adhesive, even under water.


Pool Service Houston, TX

There are a lot of pool owners in Houston and every problem is different. If your pool is losing water and you think it is because of a leak, a professional pool service technician can resolve the problem efficiently, and, in most cases, quickly. Don’t waste any more money on water leaking out of your pipes. That is like money down the drain.


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