How To Clean A Green Pool FAST!

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How to clean a green pool fast

How To Clean A Green Pool FAST!

It’s bound to happen at least once this season. Your friends or family are coming over to your house for a pool party, with their kids and Aunt Sandy’s special potato salad in tow. You’ve got plenty of time to prepare (or so you think). You take a deep, self-satisfied sigh and head out to admire your lovely swimming pool, when, oh no! You realize your pool has turned green. Not a nice, healthy aqua green, but, rather, that murky pea green soup color that means you’ve got algae.

Nobody is going to want to swim in pea soup. So, you have got to figure out how to fix a green pool fast!


How To Clean A Green Pool In 24 Hours

First, don’t panic. You are not the first person to experience this problem and there are solutions, but you’re going to have to work fast. Before you even start, though, check and see if your pump or filter are overworked, damaged or clogged. Unwanted organisms can muck up components, so confirm they are working right. Clean the filter and prime the pump if you have to. If your pump got overheated and stopped working, replace it. To prime the pump, run water through it a few times and keep it running for a while.

Remove debris and organics with a net and then vacuum your swimming pool. This will remove any solid matter that is causing the water to look cloudy. Cyanuric acid is a kind of pool water conditioner. Reduce the CYA level to between 20 and 50 for a balanced pH and then you will be ready to shock your pool.


Shocking Your Pool

Shocking your pool means adding very large amounts of chlorine to it. Go to the supply store and buy some pool shock. Read the label and follow the directions carefully. Your goal is to bring your pool water’s chlorine level up to about 30 parts per million and KEEP IT THERE. Don’t simply pour in the shock and go back the next day. Monitor the chlorine levels every few hours and add more chlorine when levels dip to keep it at this very high level. Remember, chlorine is used up as it kills pathogens, so you will have to constantly monitor the water balance and add more, as necessary. Most of the chlorine will seem to disappear in the first few hours. This is normal.

You may have to shock the pool several times, depending on the kind of algae you have. Guidelines are:

Green Algae – Shock two times

Dark Green or Yellow Algae (pea soup) – Shock three times

Black Algae – Shock four times


Green pool water after shocking can still remain murky. If this is the case, an algaecide can be your best friend. These usually contain sodium bromide, a powerful clarifier. Follow the label directions and run your pump for several hours after the treatment.


Follow this process to the letter and you’ll get results. Bringing your pool back to a sanitized state takes a lot of time and effort, but it can be done. If you’re not up for the task, remember there are pool professionals who specialize in clearing up your algae problem.


Hiring an expert is advised if your pool is in really bad shape, don’t have the time to devote to the constant testing, adding chemicals, and retesting or the water is just not clearing up. A simple online search of pool cleaning services near me can yield results. No matter how you get there, the right action will have your pool water cleared of algae quickly, so you can enjoy a sparkling pool once again.


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