5 Tips To Keep Your Pool Safe This Season

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5 Tips To Keep Your Pool Safe This Season

5 Tips To Keep Your Pool Safe This Season

Home pool safety should be priority No. 1 this summer. While you are having a great time swimming, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that pools can be dangerous places for nonswimmers. Swimmers must follow a few standard swimming pool safety guidelines, too. We have all heard the old saying, “Wait 30 minutes after eating before jumping into the swimming pool.” But, what else should a responsible pool owner know to keep your pool safe?


Pool Safety Tips For Summer

  • Pool Covers With Safety Features

It’s very important to make sure your pool is safe even when it is closed for the off-season. Unfortunately, news headlines detailing stories about children who fall into the deep end and drown are all too common. Therefore, it’s a good idea to invest in a safety cover. They are made for both inground and above-ground pools and many can hold the weight of a child if he or she happens to try to walk across one of them.

  • Install A Fence Around Your Pool

A fence is a requirement in some municipalities. That is especially true for pools that have been installed in the last few years. But, if your pool is several years old, you might not have a fence installed, either because you didn’t think of it or it wasn’t required at the time. Do it now. The Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines suggest that a fence that latches automatically and stands 48 inches high or higher is ideal.

  • Why A Pool Alarm Is Important

A perimeter alarm for your pool is also called an invisible fence. It creates a field of lasers around the perimeter. When an animal or person encounters it, the alarm goes off.

Other alarms are sensitive to pressure and are installed on the water’s edge. These include a tube with a sensor that is immersed in the water. When a wave is created — if, for example, something inadvertently falls in — the alarm sounds. Most pressure-sensitive alarms can detect about 18 pounds of weight (or more) entering your swimming pool.

  • Special Safety Hook For Rescue

Ask any lifeguard and he or she will tell you if you try to rescue a drowning swimmer by making physical contact with him or her, the person will drag you down to the bottom of the pool. Lifeguards recommend throwing the person in distress a shirt or other long item he or she can grab onto and allow you to pull him or her to safety. If you don’t want to rely on a ripped T-shirt or another miscellaneous item for this life-saving effort, you should get a safety hook. It’s a hook that attaches to the end of the telescopic pole you use to vacuum and skim, and it can be extended and wrapped around the panicked swimmer, so you can pull him or her in safely. Hooks only cost a few dollars but are worth a million because of the peace of mind they provide.

  • Other Equipment

Pool Knights providing Swimming pool services Spring, Texas and beyond is happy to offer this quick checklist. Do a quick inspection around your pool. Do you have these essential items? Ring buoys made of foam are a must-have and can be thrown to a swimmer in a panic. (An added bonus: They are also decorative and look great hanging poolside). Life jackets and pool floats are also great to have on hand for the same reason. You will also want a first aid kit with antiseptic spray and bandages to quickly attend to scrapes and bruises. It’s recommended you keep your swimming pool stocked with these simple items to increase your safety and peace of mind this summer!


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