One-Time Pool Cleaning Service Near Me

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One-Time Pool Cleaning Service Near Me

One-Time Pool Cleaning Service Near Me

So, you have installed a pool. Your idealistic self-focused on the dreamlike imagery of tanned bodies, stellar health, and poolside parties all summer. In your apparent stupor, you thought about the smell of suntan lotion and frozen drinks with little pink umbrellas. But, then, inevitably, one day when you least expected it, reality set in.

Sure, you’ve had some awesome pool parties. You may have even built up a nice glowing tan. But, no matter how blissful you are, at some point, you will awaken from your dream and realize one stark fact of pool ownership: Your pool is not self-cleaning. Gasp!

Swimming Pool Cleaning Services

Owning a pool means you are going to have to take care of it. You will have to test the pool water to maintain the correct pH and chemical balance. You will have to clear debris, backwash the filter, add chlorine, and even vacuum the pool. Some people do this enthusiastically and even seem to enjoy pool cleaning as a labor of love.

Others relish the idea of pool ownership but would rather relegate the cleaning and upkeep to somebody else. That doesn’t have to be a problem since typing in pool cleaning services near me, pool maintenance near me or pool cleaning service Houston into your web browser will pull up some pool companies that can assist you. But, with so many companies out there, how do you choose the best one? What services will a high-quality professional pool service company provide?  Read the services below that should be taken care of. When you are done feel relaxed and comfortable knowing that there is a highly qualified and extremely reputable company out there who services the Houston TX areas of Spring, The Woodlands and more.  This company is Pool Knights!


One-Time Cleaning? Or Maintenance Contract?

Owners have many choices when it comes to finding a professional pool contractor. Most companies will encourage you to buy a maintenance contract, which means you will receive regular services on an ongoing basis for a fee. This works for people who want to put in zero effort toward maintaining the pool themselves. But, if you want to do most of the maintenance yourself, you can hire a pool contractor for a one-time cleaning and help you whip your pool into shape. Doing this prepares your pool and gets it in optimal shape, so you can take over the maintenance yourself in the future.


A one-time pool cleaning service would typically include:

A) Skimming your swimming pool, which involves removing debris with a long pole, or skimmer, with a mesh net attached to the end. Getting rid of debris will prevent the filtration system from getting clogged and keep the water circulating.

B) Dumping strainer baskets, which will likely contain goodies, such as dead leaves and insects.

C) A good vacuuming to get rid of finer particles, such as dirt, pollen, and dust.

D) Brushing to get rid of buildup. Walls need to be brushed regularly. The type of brush you use depends on the materials that were used in your pool’s construction. A pool expert will know concrete walls require a brush with very stiff bristles, while fiberglass needs a softer brush. Putty knives, pumice stones or a special muriatic acid mixture can be used if the buildup is particularly stubborn.

E) Backwashing the filter and, then, checking all the assemblies, such as the filter, pump, and heater.

F) Testing the pool water and balancing the water by adding the right chemicals. The testing will be repeated a few times until the water reaches a steady level.


Once the pool service contractor has cleaned your pool thoroughly one time, owners can maintain the results themselves by following the correct maintenance protocol or call a professional pool cleaning company.


If you live in the Houston area, including Spring and The Woodlands, Pool Knights, with a reputation as the premier pool cleaning service in Houston, will be happy to help you with a one-time pool cleaning, seasonal or yearly maintenance plan. We can keep your pool pristine after the initial deep cleaning so you can enjoy it all season long.

Contact Pool Knights today to get started with your one-time pool cleaning or to set up a maintenance plan.