Great Pool Party – Pool Cleaning – Take Action

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Great Pool Party – Pool Cleaning – Take Action

Great Pool Party – Pool Cleaning – Take Action

It’s that time of year again, and pool parties are set to be in full swing. However, while there’s nothing more fun than getting together with a few friends and enjoying the sun from the cool refuge of the water after party pool cleaning can be an unwelcome chore. Your guests will have, no doubt, introduced sunscreen, oil, dirt, and sweat into your pool water and that often means that when you look at your pool after a party, you find that the water has gone cloudy. Pollutants in your pool can change the chemistry of the water, and this can result in algae growth, which can pose a major problem; however, the key to avoiding the hassle of having to drain your pool completely in order to eliminate an algae problem is to implement a pool party maintenance schedule that will see you through the summer season.

How To Prepare Your Pool For Your Party

Preparing properly for your pool party will ensure that any harmful pollutants which enter the water when your guests arrive will have as little an impact as possible. Around one to two days, before you host your pool party, you should shock your pool to give the pool’s chlorine levels a boost. Shocking your pool will not just sanitize it, it will also ensure that the proper chlorine level is maintained to cope with the extra dirt and grime that will enter the water on the bodies of your guests.

During Your Pool Party

Although you will want to be focusing on having fun during your pool party and not worrying about your pool water, there are some things that you can do during the event itself to minimize the effects of pollutants in the water. If you have a water feature such as a fountain or a waterfall, make sure that it is running throughout the party; this not only improves the ambiance of your party but as an added bonus it can also circulate the chlorine more effectively when it is attached to your filtration system. Adding oxidizers to the pool water will also help to protect it from sunscreens and oils during the party, keeping the water clear and treating algae and bacteria.

Pool Care After Swimming

While most people clear up all the cups, cans, and leftover food from around the pool once their guests have gone home, it’s just as important to take care of the pool water too, and as soon as your pool party is over, you should take some action to treat the water immediately. If you leave the water to stand, it could have too low a level of chlorine, and this could lead to algae flourishing overnight. After your party, shock the pool to give the chlorine levels a boost – it’s best to do this at night so that there will be no burn-off due to the sun’s rays. After adding your shock treatment, run the pool pump for a minimum of eight hours so that particulates and debris will be filtered out. Also, skim the surface of the water using a leaf rake and empty your skimmer basket. Finally, brush the walls of the pool and the ladder and then vacuum up any remaining debris. If necessary, you may also have to clean out the pool filter.

Professional Pool Cleaning

If you want to be sure that your pool is fully clean after your pool party, you can call in professional help. Poolknights a full-service pool maintenance and pool cleaning service company is at your fingertips. Poolknights can make sure your pool is hygienic, sanitized, and ready for your next pool party!

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