Leaking Swimming Pool Pipe – What To Do

Posted by Tim Roadnight
Leaking Swimming Pool Pipe – What To Do

Leaking Swimming Pool Pipe – What To Do

In the United States, the average volume of water held in an in-ground domestic pool is around 20,000 gallons and considering that this is such a large volume it isn’t surprising that any leaks can be difficult to detect. Even when a pool pipe leak is identified, pinpointing the source can be harder still. If there is a leak in the pool’s concrete shell advanced leak detection technology is often required, for example, dye testing or underwater listening devices; however, luckily, most pool leaks are traced to sources above ground in either the filter/pump circuit or the plumbing itself.

If you suspect that there is a leak in your swimming pool, identifying and repairing the source of the leak is very important. Here are some top tips to help to guide you through the process.

Does Loss Of Water Always Mean A Leak?

If you have noticed that your pool’s water level is dropping that doesn’t always mean that it has a leak. The rate of evaporation from any pool may vary considerably depending on changes in wind speed, relative humidity, and air temperature. There is an easy test which you can do to determine whether evaporation is behind your pool’s water loss. Pour water into a bucket and then mark its level. Then mark the pool’s water level. Put the bucket next to the pool and leave it for twenty-four hours before comparing the water level in both the pool and the bucket. If the pool’s water level is lower than the bucket’s water level, a leak is likely responsible.

Does More Leakage Occur When Pump Circulation Is Taking Place?

If there is greater leakage whenever the pump circulates, this could be a sign of leaks in pipes in the downstream plumbing from the pool’s pump. This part of the circulation system is called the “pressure side.” Once the pump has been pressurized leaks can develop in the plumbing fittings downstream whenever the pump runs. These leaks could be small, causing only minor seepage or high pressurized, causing sprays. An internal leak could also develop in a multi-port filter valve that is defective, and this will result in clean water being lost to the backwash line or waste line to the sewers.

Does More Leakage Occur If The Pump Is Not Operating?

Whenever the pool pump is operating, any leak in the valves, fittings, or pipes on the system’s suction side before the pool’s pump typically draw in the air rather than allow water to leak out. However, once the pump is cycled off, water leakage can occur via these openings.

Does Water Leak From The Pool Regardless Of Whether Its Pump Is Operating?

If you notice that pool water is leaking regardless of whether the pump is in operation or not, this suggests that the leak may not be in the pipes at all, but could be in the pool’s shell instead. If this turns out to be the case, it does not necessarily mean that the cause is a structural defect or crack. If the water loss only takes place to a particular level before subsiding, it is always wise to check the fixtures such as pool underwater lights to ensure that they are watertight.

How To Find A Leak In Underground Pool Piping

Although the majority of leaks are not in the pool’s underground piping, it does sometimes happen. One way to make sure that the underground pipes are the source of the leak is to switch the pump off and to plug the lines. If leakage still occurs the problem is not the pipes; however, if leakage stops each plug can be taken out one at a time to determine when leakage begins again. Once the source of the leak has been identified, a break can often be repaired by cutting a small hole into the pool deck, but sometimes replacing underground pool pipe runs will be necessary.

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