The Danger of Hiring an Untrained Pool Service Company

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The Danger of Hiring an Untrained Pool Service Company

The Danger of Hiring an Untrained Pool Service Company

Hiring a swimming pool cleaning service should be an easy thing, but sometimes your uncle’s friend wants to give you a discounted price. The issue is that many people do not possess the knowledge, equipment, and skill that it takes to properly maintain a swimming pool. It is much more than skimming leaves off the top of the water and dumping chlorine into the pool. The delicate balance of chemicals and care required to properly maintain your pool can be accomplished by trained pool maintenance specialists at the Pool Knights.

The knowledge needed for pool maintenance service extends past simply buying a jug of chlorine. There are four areas of knowledge that have to be chemically balanced: chlorine, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and pH. Additionally, expertise in shock treatments and how to use them properly in your pool is required.

The danger of hiring an untrained pool service worker is more severe than just the possible problems of trusting people that aren’t properly trained. Are they responsible in case your pool is damaged due to their negligence? Make sure the company you call has the knowledge and expertise from extensive training and many years of experience. Ask if they possess a business license, how long they’ve been in business, and always ask for references. Check online for reviews and references and make sure the person you are hiring has a good record. Pools are an expensive investment, so make sure you don’t go with someone simply because his or her price is lower, or it just happens to be a “pool service near me.”

At Pool Knights, our trained pool maintenance specialist services include:

– Removing debris from the top and bottom of the pool and clearing out debris from pumps and drains.
– Scrubbing the sides and bottom of the pool to prevent staining and algae growth.
– Maintaining all pool equipment like the pump and drains, which includes fixing or bringing any issues to your attention.
– Balancing all four important chemical properties in your water so that you pool guests can swim safely. Chemicals maintain a bacteria-free and pH-balance to the water, ensuring the safety of your pool guests while not damaging the pool itself.
– Monitoring of water level to see if the level is dropping and figuring out why (i.e. Is normal evaporation the cause of falling water levels or is there a leak in the pool?). They also will maintain your pool at the proper level by adding water and additional chemicals if needed.
– Shocking the pool to maintain algae-free, bacteria-resistant water is important and will be done on a schedule defined in the contract.
– If our people notice issues with your liner or issues with the foundation of your pool, they can not only bring it to your attention, but our company also can be the ones who repair it for you.

Pool cleaning services should be carefully decided upon. At Pool Knights, we post our testimonials from customers and maintain a 5-star review because we are knowledgeable, have the proper equipment, and possess the skill required to properly and efficiently care for your pool maintenance needs. Not only are we trained specialists, but our company is focused on quality, service, and professionalism. Take a look at our reviews from our happy customers from Spring, The Woodlands and the surrounding areas of Houston, Texas.

While your uncle’s friend might be a really nice guy, we know that only properly trained pool maintenance specialists should be taking care of your expensive investment. If you’re ready do not make the mistake of hiring an untrained pool service company to take care of your pool, give us a call and we can make sure your pool is chemically, aesthetically, and structurally perfect and ready for you, your family and friends to enjoy.

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