Pool Service vs Do-It-Yourself

Posted by Tim Roadnight
Pool Service vs Do-It-Yourself

Pool Service vs Do-It-Yourself

Swimming pool maintenance is no joke. The quality of care and the amount of time that you put into your investment shows in the overall appearance and lifespan of the pool itself. Do-it-yourself pool cleaning is doable, but not recommended due to the vast amount of knowledge, skill, and dedication it takes to maintain a perfect pool. Doing it yourself may save you quite a bit of money in the short run, but not having the proper knowledge can damage your pool and end up costing even more in the future. On the other hand, hiring a professional pool service might cost a bit more, but the investment you made in purchasing the pool will rest in their capable, insured hands.

DIY pool maintenance is possible. There are all kinds of kits, equipment, and books you could buy. There are also tons of blog posts and free videos online. And with all that knowledge, you could still do something wrong and you’d have to shoulder the cost of any mistakes yourself.

Pros of DIY

– Save money! Yes, you will save a lot of money upfront by doing things yourself. If money is your motivation, then this can help you save for a rainy day.
– No setting up appointments or calling around. This saves you a bit of time, but a scheduled contract can fix this issue.
– Pool cleaning days could be a family affair, but not a very fun one.

Cons of DIY:

– Time. While saving a lot of money, you will be heading out there every week to maintain that pool in tip-top condition. Hours of time maintaining the pool could be better spent in the pool instead.
– If anything goes wrong, it is completely on you. Black algae cracking your lining? Buy another expensive liner. Pump goes out from the filter clogging? Buy another new expensive pump.
– Without extensive research, messed up chemicals can cause actual damage to your pool. That rainy day you were saving up for could easily be poured back into the pool due to a mistake.
Self-pool maintenance is possible, but not recommended. Most in-ground pools cost over $30,000 to install. At Pool Knights, we work with every single customer to give them the experience they need and the care they deserve. We work with budgets and schedules and make sure that your pool is in perfect shape for that spontaneous BBQ.

Pros of Hiring a Professional

– More time! You don’t have to section off an entire block of your day, hoist pool cleaning supplies around, or bribe your teenage children to help you. You can relax and spend your time in the pool instead of cleaning it.
– You don’t have to do endless research on total alkalinity or what free chlorine is.
– Rest easy. You can be sure that your pool is being properly cared for and maintained by professionals and that nothing will be overlooked. They can fish the t-shirt out of the drain and wash out the brown filters so you don’t have to.
– Rest even easier because they are licensed and insured. If anything happens due to an oversight or mistake, your pool won’t become even more expensive. (And a professional will never hesitate to make it right for the customer). Invest in your investments!

Cons of Hiring a Professional

– More money towards your investment. Your rainy-day fund will have to come from another source, but this avoids bigger issues down the road.
– Non-contracted appointments can take your time. Make sure to schedule contracted appointments!

Finding a “pool service near me” is an easy way to find pool maintenance specialists in your local area. It’s just one search, instead of a million, for tips on how to change a pool filter or what calcium hardness is. If you want to try and do it yourself, you can save a bit of money in exchange for risk and time. But if you’d rather rest easy and make sure your investment is properly taken care of, contact Pool Knights!

Pool Knights provides professional pool service to the Houston area including Spring and The Woodlands.