Personalized Routine Pool Maintenance Care

Posted by Tim Roadnight
Personalized Routine Pool Maintenance Care

Routine Pool Maintenance Care

Pool care is a very important part of maintaining the investment you have put into your property or maintaining the value of the home you’ve purchased. It is so much more than chemicals and pumps though. Building a strong relationship with reputable pool maintenance specialists can take the pressure off the homeowner when it comes to pool care. Here are some easy reasons you should call the Pool Knights to help you maintain your pool.

  • Save time – You won’t have to set aside hours of time per month to clean and maintain your pool. You can better use that time focusing on work or fun with family and friends.
  • Rest easy – By choosing one of the specially trained Pool Knights to take care of your pool, you can rest knowing that your pool will always be in tip-top shape and ready for any pool parties you want to throw.
  • Healthier swim – Routine maintenance on your pool will ensure that the proper chemicals are used, debris is removed, and that the pH of your pool is always at a happy level which means your family and friends will be much less likely to become sick from something in your pool.
  • Weekly pool service is the best option for pools in the summer because of the amount of use they get. When your pool is left unattended without the proper chemical balance or water movement, it can easily and quickly deteriorate. Additionally, when the liner of your pool is dingy and stained dark, scooping debris from the pool becomes a challenge simply because you can’t see to the bottom of the pool. A weekly pool service can make sure your pumps and your water flow points are clear of debris and functioning properly. Also, weekly pool service helps to maintain the proper chemical balance in your pool, which deters any unfriendly visitors from staying in your pool.

An excellent pool maintenance routine is essential in keeping your pool in the best condition possible. There are a ton of things that could go wrong in your pool and only so much that the internet can deduce for you. That’s why the Pool Knight’s pool maintenance specialists are here to answer your questions and concerns. Pool cleaning can protect your investment from deteriorating or from being seriously damaged.

Personalized routine pool maintenance will fix and curtail issues like:

  • Green algae
  • Black algae
  • Cloudy water
  • Equipment problems
  • Pump issues
  • Discoloration

Your weekly personalized pool maintenance will include:

  • Testing chemicals – Maintaining proper pH and alkalinity in pools is essential in making sure your water is swimmable and that your pool walls and liner aren’t in danger of corrosion. Also, it’s an important step in making sure your pool guests don’t get sick from bacteria that should have been handled by your chemicals.
  • Cleaning – Your pool will be checked weekly for debris in your pumps or drains and for fallen leaves or debris (like lost shirts) in your pool. Skimming dead bugs and detritus off the top of the water will prevent it from sinking to the bottom and clogging drains. Regularly scheduled removal of debris ensures that your pool will not become stained or grow issues like algae or bacteria. Maintaining your pool filter is also another important job to make sure your pump system is actually working the way it is supposed to.

If you are tired of buying the wrong chemicals and fishing things out of your drains, then go ahead and give the Pool Knights a call to maintain your summer retreat this season.

Pool Knights is located in Spring Texas and provides routine pool maintenance care including pool cleaning, equipment repair, remodeling, power washing and replacement of liners. Contact us today at 832-342-POOL (7665) by email at or through our contact form.